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Comment It's so damned inefficient at present. (Score 1) 272

I get sick of joining a checkout queue with my purchase in one hand and the correct change in the other, then having to wait forever while people ahead of me shuffle stacks of credit cards, wait for a pathetically slow electronic transaction, then fumble their cards back into their wallets. Cash is best, and NFC is probably the best alternative, as the women and kids would only have to pull their phones from their ears, which is much quicker than fumbling stacks of plastic.

Comment Privacy and data retention (Score 1) 88

I'm an Australian and I'd be really pissed off if the government opened, read, copied and kept a record of all my mail as it passed through the post office. I'd be just as pissed off if the elite political class did the same to my phone and internet communications. Of course, we can fight back with encryption, steganography etc., but life's tedious enough already.

Comment Cellphones aren't the main problem, anyway. (Score 1) 418

Here in Queensland, Australia, the government now applies rigid speed limits, whereas there used to be a latitude of perhaps 10 kph. In the usual city 60 kph limit, you get tail-gated, honked and abused at less than 55 kph. Anyone who's tried to keep between 55 and 60 kph will know that watching the speedometer closely in traffic is more dangerous than using a cellphone and I've had several close calls since the stricter rules were imposed. Of course, the government now collects more money from fines, although they don't have to pay the higher insurance rates they cause.

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