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Comment Re:Why I didn't care, (Score 1) 176

I knew it was imaginary property just like my Steam purchases, or any other digital purchases I have made. But that doesn't mean I will have to deny myself the option to get it if I like it. And then be angry with a company and never deal with them again if they stop supporting something before a time I could think to be reasonable.

Comment Re:Why I didn't care, (Score 1) 176

I'm not sure if I can blame Elop about this.
Nokia announced that they were closing the NGAGE market and replacing it with the OVI market in October 2009, it was mentioned there was going to be a migration process and that by October 2010 the NGAGE website was going to be closed and purchases transferred to the new system. Elop started as the CEO for Nokia in September 2010 and by that date Nokia had enough time to prepare a migration process. The fact that they never worked out a transfer process and all purchases were lost on March 2011 when the authentication server was shut down seems to be a decision made before Elop took charge.
The thing is that I lost the games I bought on 2008 and 2009 for my Nokia N95 and I stopped buying anything from Nokia since that date.

Submission + - Worried about DELL motherboards lacking proper heat dissipation. (

paladinsama writes: It seems that at some point during 2012 Dell is no longer manufacturing motherboards attaching a heatsink on the motherboard's chipset. Even though intel's documentation specifies that one is required.

Thread on Dell Community forums about this.

Does anybody has any experience on this? Anybody who has purchased a Dell system during 2012 have noticed any overheating problems? like PCI express devices disappearing, sound problems, USB devices disconnecting, etc?


Comment I can't have any sympathy for Nokia (Score 1) 350

Everybody here is always talking about the Microsoft deal or how good was the hardware Nokia made.
But something that is never mentioned is how Nokia closed a digital store that because of their DRM implementation, denied customers of their legitimate purchases.
These are the kind of things that usually causes boycotts, for example a few guys get the message that Rock Band will stop working on the iPhone, and everybody in the world is talking about it. Nokia cut access to 52 games, and nobody cared. Well, I lost 21 purchases that day so I care.
Obviously if nobody cared for what Nokia did, that only could mean that they didn't had a big following. I was a Nokia fan, but now I won't give them a cent.
For me Nokia didn't had a future no matter what choice of operating system they took.

Comment Re:WHAT'S STOPPING US? (Score 1) 585

What the majority believes may be wrong some times.

This is a well-known let's say 'urban legend', refuted several times throughout history but which keeps coming back

He said that once upon a time, the majority of the population believed the Earth was flat. He never said that time was the Middle Ages. Now you are just assuming things.

Comment Re:Superior browser (Score 2, Insightful) 449

- Don't have a problem with Google Updater. Does it not work on your system or does it consume too many resources?

Google Updater runs as a service, that has no visible setting to disable, calls home and install whatever is flagged as an update with the default settings Google wants. You are giving Google full administrator access to a computer and if some other company ever though of doing that, there would be uproar.

Comment Re:Typical corporate mindset... (Score 1) 231

They announced in July that downloads would include an installer, and that such installer was going to include "offers for other software" (i.e. Ads)
The next time I downloaded something I noticed such thing and decided to stop downloading anything from Cnet (and I guess a lot of people did too), so I think this is hardly something to be called "they got caught" as it was in the plain view of everybody.

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