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Comment Re: Hackers (Score 1) 85

Having someone following you around, doing recording with you as the main subject, can be classified as harassment.

What i would expect is some type of privacy if being on public land out in the middle of nowhere, but expecting privacy when on a public street in the center of a city is quite absurd..

Ie, if i see other people around me i do not expect privacy.. If i don't see any people or cameras (or signs about cameras) around me i do expect some type of privacy.

Comment Re:Are we allowed to criticize this snake oil yet? (Score 1) 125

Actually, if you put the whole thing in a tube that you put on big posts so it floats up in the air will still allow the land below to be used for farming..

The farmer would probably be quite happy getting paid for those small chunks of land where the posts go..

The farmer will probably not be too happy when he realizes that the maglev train will cut his farmland in two and he will have to drive for 30 minutes to get to the other side.

Comment Re:Come the fuck on (Score 1) 366

Bitflips on HDD's are more common than you think, especially when the data is not read (to allow the disk firmware to detect the degradation and rewrite the data).

Only way to keep safe from this is to use a checksumming filesystem + having more than 1 copy of the data.

Possible setups with a BTRFS filesystem: (probably possible with ZFS or any of the other filesystems with checksumming support)

Option 1: One HDD with two partitions. BTRFS setup as raid1 between the partitions and files are copied here. for history create a snapshot before copying the next round of data.
Option 1 protects against bit-flips and general corruption in the filesystem, but you are required to "scrub" the filesystem every time you do a backup..

Option 2: Two HDD's. BTRFS setup as raid1. The rest is the same as option 1.
Option 2 protects against one backup-device having a hardware failure.

Option 3: Two HDD's. BTRFS setup as raid1. The rest the same as option 1. After each backup you take one of the disks and store it offsite and add a fresh disk to the raid1. Swapping between 3 disks (one local, one in transit and one stored remotly) could be an idea too.
Option 3 protects against hw failure of the backup and at the same time protects against data-loss due to a breakin or a fire.

Submission + - Secure Skype alternatives 1

An anonymous reader writes: I have a Windows 8.1 phone and mostly use it for Skype calls and chats. A bit of browsing every now and then, and checking public transportation schedules. Nothing fancy in other words.

What can I do to be able to securely chat and place audio/video calls? What do you think is the best device to buy and what apps to use on it?

Submission + - Linux developer loses GPL suit against VMware (

An anonymous reader writes: Linux kernel developer Christoph Hellwig has lost his case against virtualisation company VMware, which he had sued in March 2015 for violation of version 2 of the GNU General Public Licence.

Submission + - DistroWatch adds support for IPv6 (

An anonymous reader writes: The DistroWatch website, a resource for Linux news, package and release announcements, has decided to add support for IPv6. The website introduced IPv6 support on Friday and the new protocol has been getting a lot of attention.

"Over 8% of our traffic this weekend came from IPv6 addresses," Jesse Smith, a contributor to DistroWatch commented. "It was a pleasant surprise, we were not expecting that many people would be using IPv6 yet." When asked why DistroWatch enabled IPv6 access to their server at this time, Smith answered: "Partly it was an experiment to see how much interest there was in IPv6. Partly it was because it is a little embarassing (in 2016) to have a technology focused website that is not making use of IPv6."

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