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Comment Re:But is Wayland better? (Score 3, Informative) 224

Before criticizing Wayland and extolling X11's virtues, consider watching this talk by Daniel Stone who was formerly intimately involved with and seems to know hist stuff. He makes a good case for Wayland. []

I can't second this enough. This should be required viewing before any of the anti-Wayland people spout their bullshit rhetoric.

Comment Re: What the... (Score 1) 130

Do what I do: run the Pi behind your TV and use one of the TV's usb ports to power it (most modern TV's have at least one USB port supplying enough power for a Pi). The advantages of this is your Pi's completely hidden, you don't have to buy another USB power adapter, and it's only powered up when the TV is on.

Comment Re:systemd (Score 2) 50

Irrelevant. If you have any interaction with your init system then your media centre is outright broken and it belongs in the bin

Not necessarily. I needed to setup an NFS mount for my to access my ROMs remotely via RetroArch, which is used entirely outside of Kodi. The old, pre-systemd way (on OpenELEC anyways), was to write an script that gets executed at boot time to do the mount. The problem is, in order to ensure that the NFS mount will actually get mounted at boot is to do some hacky shit like sleep for 30 seconds, which obviously increases boot time by that much.

With systemd, I just create a unit file to do the mount for me, telling it that it depends on on the networking service first so that the mount isn't even tried until the network is up & running.

Comment Re:Worse (Score 1) 391

I've witnessed this first-hand on Facebook. Some guy says something (admittedly stupid) about Obama, then an army of liberals come out of the woodwork to cyber-bully the guy, even going so far as doxxing him and contacting his place of employment to let them know about it in an attempt to get him fired. Fucking disgusting.

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