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Comment Re:The blurb is flat out wrong. (Score 4, Informative) 250

The blurb says it "redesigns TCP/IP", and the article itself specifically says "congestion control". Which is NOT part of TCP/IP design. Congestion control is a routing feature.

Seriously, it's both incredible how wrong you are with that statement and that somebody rated it as informative. I suggest you read up on the subject:


Israeli Spyware Sold To Iran 164

Hugh Pickens writes "Bloomberg reports that Israeli trade, customs and defense officials say they didn't know that systems for performing 'deep- packet inspection' into Internet traffic, sold under the brand name NetEnforcer, had gone to a country whose leaders have called for the destruction of the Jewish state. Allot Communications Ltd., an Israel-based firm which reported $57 million in sales last year, sold its systems to a Randers, a Denmark-based technology distributor where workers at that company, RanTek A/S, repackaged the gear and shipped it to Iran. The sales skirted a strict Israeli ban that prohibits 'trading with the enemy,' including any shipments that reach Iran, Syria and Lebanon. Although Allot officials say they had no knowledge of their equipment going to Iran and are looking into RanTek's sales, three former sales employees for Allot say it was well known inside the Israeli company that the equipment was headed for Iran. 'Israel considers Iran quite possibly its greatest threat, and so the Israeli government would come down very strong against any company that exported to Iran,' says Ira Hoffman. 'Iran is also considered by the U.S. as one of its most strategic threats.' Israeli lawmaker Nachman Shai has called for a parliamentary investigation, and the country's Defense Ministry has begun to examine the report."

Comment Re:512 Atoms in 10U (Score 1) 135

You can't really gauge the efficiency of sandybridge (the current cycle of intel i3/i5/i7 cpus) by their "northbridge" heat. It's true that these chips don't draw so much power, but with sandybridge platform has memory controllers and integrated graphics right in the CPU; you can guess that these two components draw the most power. It's probably still a minor win for power efficiency, but it's not like there's been a huge efficiency breakthrough.

Comment Politics (Score 1) 432

Ignoring politics is the wrong decision particularly in a discussion involving honeycomb. Check out the forums at and you'll find that the notion ink adam is far and away the most popular tablet among enthusiasts - the group containing the largest amount of current and potential developers. There's no honeycomb for the adam or for that matter most of the other tegra2 tablets which are equally capable to the motorola xoom. Android has a great position in the market because up to now google hasn't resorted to the bullying and special treatment of other platforms. Google has failed to realize that this fair treatment and openness is a key to their success before honeycomb, and this failure is having a large impact on the success (or ultimate failure) of their current version.

Comment Re:And they do that with socialized medicine! (Score 1) 358

"Commonly assumed" isn't exactly a statement of fact, and the wikipedia article avoided citing any source by avoiding stating it as fact. As anyone knows from high school biology the male gene is less likely to develop and so in fact the common assumption is that more females will be born.

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 289

I'm not against Microsoft including anti-virus software with their OS; to me there's a difference between features (like IE) and protection (like, well not microsoft security essentials).

MSE doesn't currently have a positive impact on OS security, and it won't even if it's built in. Currently popular viruses aren't even detected by MSE and the ones that are usually aren't removable. Sure, it's better than McCafe but given the ready availability to users it's the first AV targeted by virii, and it isn't very well protected from rogue processes.

Even with improvements over XP, windows 7 is a basically insecure platform; UAC was a good idea, but it doesn't work and it's not enough alone. Code signing isn't a valid solution when "trusted" CA's are only in it for the money and they're in a market position where failure increases their potential future market. Lowering exploit counts and making a workable UAC would be time better spent by Microsoft.

Comment Re:Good (Score 3, Interesting) 289

He's probably referring to the relationship of an OEM who is granted an illegal discount.

On the one hand this company now has fewer market options; in today's market this is a minor inconvenience and often a blessing in disguise; global markets don't favor companies that have a hundred mediocre solutions.

The OEM's advantage to receiving illegal discounts regards how this effects potential competition - if Microsoft or Intel offer the big players half-off for their exclusivity agreements the barrier to entry climbs for small businesses. This can create a situation where an individual will spend more on the components of a computer than the complete product with support agreements from one of these laughing OEMs.

The lucrative situation doesn't make this any less wrong, it still hurts consumers and small businesses alike.

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