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Comment Re:liar (Score 1) 506

What good would any line of credit do him? Short of Russia having teleportation technology, he has no way out of the embassy.

Couldn't the Russian ambassador just head over there with a really large diplomatic pouch and then head back to the Russian embassy with it?

Comment Re:Men, don't press the button marked "ATR" (Score 1) 185

Why would a Japanese toilet have markings in Latin characters? Besides that, that wasn't funny.

Have you seen any Japanese magazines? Latin characters, called romaji, are just 37 more characters to be added to their written symbols already numbering thousands to be used whenever it is more appropriate.

Comment Re:Down with Putin - Down with Trump (Score 1) 255

If he had left his inheritance alone, he would be twice as wealthy as he claims to be now.

You're still repeating this crap? Fred Trump didn't die until 1999. The "analysis" you're talking about assumes Donald got Fred's 1999 fortune in the 1970s. Unless Trump also has a time machine, that doesn't work out.

Well, considering that Trump seems to have gotten almost all his money through deals that his father set up and either loaned him the money for or cosigned on the bank loans, then it does seem like all of Trump's fortune is really just his inheritance.

Comment Re:way too generous (Score 1) 495

It's only wealth retention when it can be converted to other assets. We're heading for another housing bubble bust as boomers try to sell their homes to the next generation who just doesn't have the money to purchase that particular asset, even at zero interest 30 year mortgages. Those assets will start depreciating damn fast over the next 15-20 years.

I'd say it's already happening. That's literally what those voters that switched sides in places like Ohio were saying "Our houses aren't appreciating in value and our children can't buy them still." There is still growing housing markets, but they are in the urban centers where the jobs and economy are. Small town, or even small city USA where they used to do manufacturing just isn't there anymore. Places like NYC, SF, and Seattle have already forced out boomers with gentrification. My boss has said he couldn't even pay the tax on the house he grew up in because it's value has gone up so high. I've looked back at the housing market where I grew up, flyover state town, and I could buy a house there outright just by writing a check. I could buy ten for what I bought a house for. Now the housing in the hot coastal cities may depreciate also in the next 15-20 years, but it won't be because of the boomers selling.

Comment Re: Threshold (Score 1) 405

Kill the poor, duh.

But seriously, countries will clamp down on immigration and corral/deport their poor until they all die off.

Ya right. Those are the people doing most the jobs that can't be automated, otherwise, they'd already would have been. Get rid of them and born and bred Americans won't stand for being cheap labor and you'll find that they will start crying for a socialist state. Look at the Trump supporters crying for government hand outs in the form of well paying jobs for unskilled workers in remote parts of the US.

Comment Re:Good, but... (Score 1) 186

I've also heard many stories about how Amazon is to work for in both technical and ground level positions. I don't think I'd want a tech position there, even though they're working on really cool stuff with AWS. Accounts from alumni I've heard describe it as a huge employer who's insanely tight-fisted and never grew up out of startup crunch mode. Their perfect employee is a fresh grad with no previous experience that will say nothing of working nights, weekends, etc. for low pay. I think the phrase "Seattle hundreds" was coined there initially. Add that to the pressure-cooker back stabbing culture I've heard described many times, and I think I'll pass!

This matches what I've heard (although some parts are better than others), however, you must understand that most of their new hires tend to be fresh grads looking to get something on their resume and expect to use it to be gone in 18 months due to their own plans anyway.

Comment Re:Amazon stories (Score 1) 186

Seattle: Together with Microsoft and bad city management, Seattle is a miserable place: Traffic: Seattle one of the worst U.S. cities for traffic congestion, tied with NYC (March 31, 2015) Quote: "An additional 23 minutes a day spent in traffic may not sound like much, but when it adds up over a year it becomes 89 hours." (Whoever wrote that must be accustomed to Seattle misery. An additional 23 minutes a day spent in traffic sounds HORRIBLE.) Slow internet: Many areas of Seattle have poor internet connections. See the article, These places have the slowest Internet in the country. (June 25, 2015) Quote: "... Seattle ... CenturyLink (CTL) customers trying to access particular sites from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. will have unbearably slow speeds."

Yes, Seattle is horrible. DO NOT COME HERE! There's nothing to see or do. No work. No food. No housing. um, ...did I mention it rains all the time and you'll be depressed and need Vitamin D shots or risk committing suicide? It's a wasteland and at best just the demo version of San Francisco. Move there!

Comment Re: Facebook wants more liberal news (Score 1) 119

We went other places. You damn New England liberals follow us everywhere. You ruined the north east. You ruined California. You ruined Colorado.

It's like you much up a place so bad that it's unlivable, then decide to move to the region where folks who don't want invasive government moved to when they left you. And then you just pass all the same stupid laws and taxes over until that place is ruined. In 20-30 years, Denver, Colorado will be an insane mecca of taxes and regulations that will be unbearable. Then you liberals will leave and move to Idaho, the Dakotas, etc.

I bet you'll find that the thing "ruining" Denver is people moving from places like Idaho and the Dakotas because the young people are trying to escape socially repressive areas and college graduates are looking to move to a place with an economy, culture and opportunity. I expect the next places to be ruined will be Texas between Austin, Dallas, and Houston and Georgia with Atlanta as they similarly gain people from the surrounding red states.

Comment Re:Why "I" shouldn't trust Geek Squad? (Score 1) 389

If a guy leaving his stuff for 5 years in the house of his ex-wife loses the ownership of his former property, I wonder the sanity of claiming to the heirs stuff hidden/abandoned so long ago. How long is too long ago? By that logic, we should start searching the heirs of that roman coins or pirate treasure...

Having just bought a house, it seems to be typical contract condition that everything left in the house at time of purchase now belongs to the new owner. From there, it seems that it would depend if the seller had the right to sell the objects left in the house. Roman coins and pirate treasure probably fall under other laws that the seller could not just ignore. In the case of other people's objects, it probably gets murky. So, if I buy a house and find a box in the wall with stuff in it, it's mine unless some other condition would cause somebody else to have a stronger claim than the seller of the house.

Comment Re: the EPF (Score 1) 95

That is what Trump is going to do. He is going to force the politicians to actually do all the things they say.

I wouldn't get your hopes up. Trump has already said they'll probably just get rid of the parts of Obamacare they don't like and keep the ones they do. That wall is never getting built just because of the engineering issues and costs involved. He's not deporting all the undocumented people for the same reason they haven't already been deported, the sheer scale and cost of doing so prevents it from happening. Thing is, his supporters take him seriously, but not literally. They expect him to do something about Obamacare, immigration, illegals, etc, but not exactly what he said he'd do. I see no reason that he would actually try and get the Republicans to hold to their promises any better than he does his own, nor do I think he has enough power with the bully pulpit to make them.

Comment Re:Why bother with the machines? (Score 1) 732

. . . there was no tampering whatsoever with voting machines. . .

Why bother with the voting machines when you can tamper with the voters?

Because tampering with the voters is what elections are about and nobody has really discovered a fool proof way of doing that yet. Meanwhile, what was released was probably actually real and not some sort of fraud. Even so, if we actually catch the people who did it, they'll get hit with a large stick. What I really worry about is that I doubt if the Republican and Trump servers have significantly higher security, so there is probably some of their info out there too. Could be they are just sitting on it, but there is the possibility it is being used to tamper with the lawmakers?

Comment An Actual Sentence? (Score 4, Interesting) 732

"While Russia, China, other countries, outside groups and people are consistently trying to break through the cyber infrastructure of our governmental institutions, businesses and organizations including the Democrat National Committee, there was absolutely no effect on the outcome of the election, including the fact that there was no tampering whatsoever with voting machines," Trump said in a statement after the meeting.

OMG! That seems like an actual, complete sentence with a coherent message from Trump!

Comment Re:But why? (Score 2) 336

Ya, I'm an L that votes for whatever failed R they usually get myself. I'm in a strong Bernie state and even caucused for him (mainly to go through and see the caucus process, I could never find any info on L caucusing if there was any) and have to say that I never got any strong message from Hillary supporters as to any message. We let all three in my caucus group go and they pretty much had nothing to say but "It'll be nice to have a woman as President." One ex-Brit woman who is now an American replied "That's what I thought voting for Thatcher the first time she ran." Later I would usually ask H supporters, "Ok, besides that she's a woman and she's not Trump, what message does she have or why should I vote for her other than Bernie?" and usually got nothing. While I think she has much better experience, plays a decent backroom political game, and would be a better President than T, she doesn't have a fraction of the charisma or appeal to the public as any SNL character of her had.

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