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Comment Re:It's a scam. Nothing to see here. (Score 1) 90

Unless one or more of the bigger nation states gets involved there simply won't be adequate funding to make it happen. We're talking tens to hundreds of billions to actually pull off a mission to Mars. For profit companies aren't going to get involved because shockingly enough there is no profit in such a venture even if it were a serious endeavor, which it is not. Private funding wouldn't remotely be sufficient and governments aren't involved. The only organizations that are capable of developing the technology to make a Mars mission happen are not involved with Mars One.

Elon has said that a manned Mars mission would cost at least $200 Billion and possibly $600 Billion. I doubt that Mars One has anything to offer Space X. Their funding is small and drying up. I doubt their engineering is anything better than Space X could come up with in a weekend. Their hype machine is probably less than Elon himself let alone a project he could start. Their idea that the cost to Mars can be magically reduced by leaving everybody there to die is a farcical nonstarter.

Comment Re:Fix the system (Score 1) 478

Bickering aside about who did the cheating, can we all just agree on two things? 1: Shitcan the electronic voting machines and stick with something that's verifiable. Perhaps, the paper ballets that we've already been using for a long time. 2: Require a verifiable ID to vote. At least, something as good as what is required to buy a beer.

If not, then can we point our fingers at the people who object to the above?

Sure, just create the constitutional amendment taking the power for the states to decide how they conduct their voting and put it in the hands of the federal government.

Comment Re:civilized countries (Score 1) 180

Have experience with the extreme right and having a new government constructed afterwards in particular to avoid repeating that error gives Germany strength.

If you think the Nazis are an example of the "extreme right" then your arrogance and misunderstanding knows no bounds. "Nazi" meant "National Socialist German Workers Party". Remind me again, which political party is it that offers a safe haven to socialism? I certainly don't think it's the big-business first capitalist Republican one. I believe it was your original candidate, Mr. Bernie Sanders, that publicly stated he was a socialist.

Ok, look. Pandering the common man is was easy way to get their backing. There were "socialist" factions within the Nazis who wanted to make sure the common German worker was taken care of. These pretty much all died,, literally, with Rohm in the Night of Long Knives. From then on, they were pretty much a politically extreme right which is to say authoritarian rule, as opposed to the egalitarianism of political left. This is different from the political left or right that is associated with liberal, wanting to make changes, or conservative, wanting to maintain the status quo which are terms that have also formed different meaning than their original. That generally has nothing to do with financially left or right wing which is where the 'socialist" comes in with defining differences between capitalist and communist. Even then, in both cases, things are being defined in dualistic definitions that usually break down when talking about anything in more than a cursory manner as there are many different, often conflicting, meanings even under the same label.

Comment Re: More like "most bitched about" (Score 1) 88

Yes, there were polling issues even going into the election. Several articles came out talking about how hard it was getting to poll people. Most if not all polling is done through landlines, to which younger people just don't have any more. There are strong differences between age groups and it's hard to guess how many people who say they will vote actually will. Small groups were weighted strongly and skewed differences. On the day of the election, exit polls were done where it was thought there would be battle ground areas, meanwhile areas that were thought to be known variables and never got exit poll attention actually changed a great deal and voted differently than expected.

Comment Re:Clearly Global Slowing is a problem that must b (Score 1) 134

Didn't Superman spin the Earth backwards by flying around it opposite to the rotation? That seems like it would work to speed it up if he flew the other way. Just need to contact Clark.

I always thought that too, but apparently from reading articles about the movie more recently, they were trying to show him flying so fast that he went back in time (supposedly just going around the Earth so he didn't get lost).

That's how Superman travelling backwards in time would see the Earth. As time stopped for him, so would the spinning of the Earth. As he moved backwards in time, the Earth would appear to move in reverse and all the actions would be shown like a movie being played backwards as they appeared in the film.

So how did they explain away the Earth actually stopping, then reversing its rotation, which would have been more disastrous than the nuke detonating on the San Andreas Fault?

Comment Re:Clearly Global Slowing is a problem that must b (Score 1) 134

Didn't Superman spin the Earth backwards by flying around it opposite to the rotation? That seems like it would work to speed it up if he flew the other way. Just need to contact Clark.

I always thought that too, but apparently from reading articles about the movie more recently, they were trying to show him flying so fast that he went back in time (supposedly just going around the Earth so he didn't get lost).

Comment Re: Fake Fake News (Score 1) 788

Second, an "assault rifle" is a class of weapon that is capable of burst and/or fully automatic fire.

Just to be pedantic, IIRC, an "assault rifle" is a class of weapon that is capable of selective fire and fires a cut down rifle round which results in a shorter range and less stopping power but allows soldiers to carry more ammo. There are pistols with selective fire, and guns that fire a full battle rifle round with selective fire, such as the BAR, are usually classified as light machine guns. Probably just overlooked as unimportant in the discussion but the ability to carry more ammo and less need of long range and stopping power was critical to the change in tactics that lead to the development of assault rifles.

Comment Re:What about cutting down full time to 32 hours a (Score 1) 537

What about cutting down full time to 32 hours a week at the start. And say down the road we get to the idea of people doing about 20-25 a week as the full time.

You could already do that if you wanted, but I think you will find that the solution up till now has been to provide more stuff that people need. A century or so ago, people did not have cars, but they had horses, so we'll call that a draw. Still, they did not all have electricity, running water, radio, telephones, tvs, cable, internet, computers, etc.If you wanted to go back and live the way people did then, you probably could with a proportionally less amount of work than people need to live now. Same with the 50's lifestyle. If you wanted to go back and live at the same standard of living as in 1950, you could with a proportional reduction in work that modern productivity has given us relative to that time. Still, people enjoy and want their TVs, computers, game systems, more than a weeks worth of clothing, food that doesn't have to be made from scratch every day, etc. There are some difficulties in this, such as even finding a house without modern convienences or expected square footage which also meet current codes, and while things like clothing and food have become cheaper, land and housing has become more expensive. There are people who have chosen to do so that I know of that live out on the Washington peninsula, hippies, mountain men, people that are just happy with living in a cabin and doing part time work for a minimum of necessities. Instead, society and technology have provided more and more things that people want or even need to participate in modern society.

Comment Re:California, the rebel state (Score 1) 121

I visited there once, and the tour guide told us how locals hate Microsoft. Which, regardless of the /. opinion of that company, would be strange for Seattle since it was Microsoft, who along w/ Boeing and later Starbucks, put them on the map

He was probably a Mac guy.

Seriously, I haven't seen much hatred for Microsoft. Paul Allen certainly used to make his presence known and was annoying for some a decade or two ago, mostly by spending his own money to build things in the Seattle area. Still I can see locals disliking Microsoft because it along with the .com boom and Amazon have caused the doubling in population Seattle has seen in the last 20 years, forcing them out of the city as others move in. I would hazard to say that most of the people in Seattle are not from Seattle, but from Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Utah, Eastern WA, Indiana, etc who moved here because they wanted to either get in on the computer industry and/or live in the "left coast".

Comment Re:California, the rebel state (Score 1) 121

Uh, WA i.e. Seattle is as Leftist as CA is. The reason it's called the Left Coast is San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland and Seattle. They are probably more Leftist than Havana, Caracas, Managua or Pyongyang

Heh. While there are some leftists like you describe, the vast majority are quite willing to take advantage of the capitalist system and get rich. The difference it that they are ok with paying taxes and the things they buy because they figure that's how they buy civilization and believe their is a net gain even for themselves.

Comment Re:Stop using cars at all. (Score 1) 243

This is why lots of folks are rising up against the urban elites: you don't understand and can't conceive of any other lifestyle but your own.

Sure we do. You have to remember that many of those "urban elites" are from places like Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, North Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, etc.. We grew up out there, saw that it was a cultural and economic dead end, and fled as soon as we could. We understand the rural lifestyle quite well as we were raised in it. Of course, while we may be understanding in some aspects, we are certainly the harshest critics on others.

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