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Comment Re:I'd be far more interested in what comes next (Score 1) 230

They might discover lost Greek texts or other works of antiquity

Or much more interesting: Etruscan texts, of which there woefully few. The Estruscan language appears to be unrelated to any other known language, from the very few inscriptions we do have.

If only we could find Caludius' lost works of the Estruscan history and Dictionary.

Comment Re:To put it another way... (Score 2) 230

... Atheism is a religion in the same way that NOT playing football is a sport.

Yes, yes, but we're pretty much just as sick of people telling how superior they are by not liking football as we are as by the people who constantly rant how they love football. Same goes for not stamp collecting and other hobbies.

Comment Re:Wrong Focus (Score 1) 134

Features of a space ship vs a tin can

1. Nuclear Power Supply...hundreds of megawatts. 2. Non-chemical propulsion. 2. Magnetic shielding to protect against solar radiation. 3. Rotating living quarters for "artificial gravity". 4. Complete atmospheric and waste recycling. 5. Detachable vehicles for EVAs and descent vehicles.

Now THAT is a challenge that rises to the level of difficulty as Apollo and would spawn a like number of innovations for the rest of the world.

Hell, if you can make number 4 alone work reliably enough to go to mars, then imagine the benefits here on Earth.

Any serious attempt to go to Mars will require pretty much those things. If they are proposing less than that, you can tell that they are not being serious about going there.

Comment Re:Anti-Hillary is not Pro-Trump (Score 1) 838

Trump is Bush with more bankruptcies, less military service, and no discernible interest in anything about the job other than power.

Obama's administration carried on most of the Bush-era policies that Democrats loathed the most - and Hillary's being billed by everyone, even Obama, as Obama's Third Term.

Have fun with that!

So it'll be Bush the Younger's fifth term. I keep telling my dad that I don't see why he doesn't like Hillary, she's probably the best (pre-Reagan) Republican candidate that is possible, since the Dixiecrats have taken over the Republican party.

Comment Re:3rd attempt at analogy (Score 1) 237

Poor analogy. Tor exit nodes don't store anything. It's a relay that people use in order to obscure the place they came from. Here's a better analogy. Imagine if a wanted criminal ran inside an open-door city shop in order to dodge the police, and the police then charged the shop owners as an accessory to evading law enforcement.

Poor analogy. Here is a better analogy. Imagine if a wanted criminal ran inside an open-door city shop in order to dodge the police, and the police questioned the shop owners to confirm that they were the shop owners and not the criminal.

I'm not seeing any cars!

Comment Re:Landing on Mars is hard (Score 1) 289

Mars is at the bottom of a fairly deep gravity well and has a very thin atmosphere. This makes landing on Mars is challenging. The atmosphere is thick enough to cause problems but not thick enough for useful aerobreaking. Getting useful loads down to the ground is a a technically challenging problem, and getting back into orbit is just difficult enough to be annoyingly expensive.

If only somebody was working on a reusable spacecraft that can use it's own engines to land exactly where it wants to, and then refuel and lift off again. Remember this is for cargo or humans. Before any people go to Mars, I expect to see cargo trips to Mars that will land LOX fuel compressors and robotic follow up that will refuel and launch, with physical samples, back to Earth. Then we'll see some humans go if they figure out all the other issues with moving space habitats that are indepedent for long periods of time.

Comment Re:Please explain why I should care (Score 1) 85

Not only are we left to wonder what a mooncake is, which is not so bad really as we can look it up, but we're left to wonder why we should care about Alibaba's annual mooncake sale which we've never heard of before. Not linking mooncake to WP is dumb, but not linking "annual mooncake sale" to a page which explains what it is to us is just goddamned stupid.

I thought Slashdot was going to be different now... better. But...

Nope. Whinier commenters these days. In the old days, a whiny commenter would have whined and then posted links to all the things in question in disgust to get those precious mod points.

Comment Re:Cut the bullshit, facebook. (Score 1) 196

The world has changed. You may not like it, I certainly don't like it, but when a sizable portion of the population only really visits Facebook and relies on Facebook for news, events, all that sort of stuff, ANY kind of censorship is getting dangerously close to revisionism.

Seems like somebody should start FB pages that do nothing but post socially relevant articles about history that youngsters should be expected to know about.

Comment Re:Transcension Hypothesis (Score 1) 75

And finally intelligence has not really show to provide any marked survival advantage for the species possessing it until very recently. Within the last 70,000 years modern humans (who have existed in their present form around 250,000 years) appear to have undergone a population bottleneck where the entire human race shrank to about 2,000 individuals - a close brush with complete extinction.

Hrrm. Perhaps that is the great filter and we have passed it. It seems that intelligence, or at least our form of it has some sever disadvantages such as longer child rearing and increased caloric requirements. Of course, our race had to deal with these disadvantages without the advantages, probably for quite some time. So, the great filter may be a race of developing things like advanced tool making and language through pure creativity before the disadvantages that allow them to happen ends up making the species less adaptable than competetors.

Comment Re:Universal Basic Income would fix that (Score 1) 86

Even with Universal Basic Income you still have tasks to do - shopping for your food, cooking your food, cleaning your house, maintaining your yard, taking a bath (well, maybe not in your case). There is ALWAYS something that needs to be done.

However, judging by some of my roommates in college, there will still be plenty of people that won't do them.

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