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Journal paganizer's Journal: I wanna Wii

I want a Wii.
Why do i feel this is worthy of a journal entry?
background: my teen kids have a PS2, and a Xbox. I have never touched either one, with the exception of modding them for the kids. Because I'm just not interested.
I play a LOT of games; I play, lately, Civ4, Sims2, Steel Panthers MBT, Empire Earth 2, Galactic Civilizations, GTA:SA, Hearts of Iron II, RailRoad Tycoon 3, Oblivion (I like morrowind better), SimCity IV, The Movies.
With the exception of (possibly) GTA:SA, a console just doesn't compare to my laptop for the type of games i like to play; I like being able to hack the game files, and twitch shooters have never really interested me.
I do like driving games, but not enough to buy one, and my kids don't like them, so....
BUT from what i can tell of the Wii, it looks like it may be a return to the concept that was still around when I was console gaming, on the PS1, N64, etc; It looks like they have tried to get away from the bigger & better shooter concept, and returned to something I haven't seen in a while; Fun Games, that any any relatively normal human can appreciate.
So, the first price drop that exceeds 10%, i'll be getting a Wii. the kids will just have to wait on their PS3.

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I wanna Wii

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