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Comment Re:spamassassin (Score 1) 190

By proving who sent the email (or, more precisely, which server did), Email Certification can hold the server owner responsible. If they send
spam, they get de-certified, which means in all likely hood, they lose the ability to email anyone at all. Spammers who can't get certified
can't send emails anyone will see.

I see you've never had your server compromised. And of course nobody can spoof an email header or perform a Joe Job.

These are just two obvious holes. There are certainly more.

Comment Windows Media Center (Score 4, Interesting) 403 no longer included in Windows 8.

Earlier this week, I thought I'd upgrade my HTPC to Windows 8. I've been using WMC on W7 now for a couple of years and it has been working great using HDHomeRUn tuners for local broadcast reception and recording/time shifting.

Imagine my surprise. No WMC. It's a paid upgrade. Ok, I'll bite. Where to I upgrade it? Clicky linky. Sorry, the licensing server is not available.

So I said to myself, Self... Let's see what else this WIndows 8 has to offer. This user interface is a total abortion. After fumbling around for an hour and feeling like a fool, I eventually clicked some of the colored boxes on the screen. Not a single thing would launch with the exception of IE9. Reason? My TV is 720 lines of resolution, not 1080. Every stinkin' app said I didn't have the required resolution.

My HTPC is now running Windows 7 again. And will be for a long time to come. It's way too good of a television to discard for a new operating system.

Comment Re:Looks like a train wreck in the making... (Score 1) 419

I wish I was as young as you think I am...

Are you saying the French would cut off their nose to spite their face over power or that Google would?

What does Google have to lose by cutting off the French? In my opinion, nothing. Quite the opposite. Google would soon have a perfect example why a foreign government shouldn't do insipid things like that. Useful for parading in front of the next would be power grabber.

What does the French have to gain by invoking a new law and Google cutting them off? They lose power because they were seen as inconsequential. The newssites lose readers which means they lose profit. I'm not seeing the real win here for the French politicians or the newssites. Oh, they can stand on principal. They've done that before. But that won't stop the huge internal pressures for the French politicians to redact the law. It would be a hell fire for the politicians that plunged their population into the internet stone age.

There's power and there's wanna be power. Guess who has which?

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