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Comment Re:The whole concept of 1%/wealth is ... irrelevan (Score 1) 1799

Just doing a little math and public numbers .. assuming the US has a population of about 310M, then 3.1M people would be 1% (since I don't know if it's adults or adults and kids, they are using the 1% nomenclature for, let's just start someplace.) According to Wikipedia, the total net worth in the US is $55T. That means that if 1% of the population (3.1M) have 90% of wealth, then they have about $50T or about 16M/person, and the rest of us (the 99%) have $17K per person.

First, 90% is way too high. The top 1% of the population probably has between 40-50% of total wealth. Second, income/wealth is obviously not uniformly distributed among either of the two groups being analyzed.

Comment Re:Shame (Score 1) 158

There are many developers on the CyanogenMod team that are still dedicated to further development. There's been little progress because they're all waiting for a new version of android, and more recently the hack put a halt to current efforts. I think reports of CM's death have been greatly exaggerated.

Comment Re:Great Super Earths. (Score 1) 208

Eeek! You are fat! Ah well, you meant pounds? Not kilograms? Ah ... and you are male, no worries. BTW: would you like to carry my camera and equipment?

I usually take someone at their word when they bother to include units. Also, I've never met any men named Samantha, but there's a first time for everything, I suppose.

Comment Re:Gingerbread (Score 1) 280

Presumably the source will be opened up again with the release of ICS, which is supposed to be a "universal" Android that can play nicely on any device, phone or tablet. I'm not sure I completely agree with Google's decision not to release Honeycomb source - you probably wouldn't want to run it on a phone, but for example the Nook Color is supported by CyanogenMod and possibly could have benefited from Honeycomb (right now it runs Gingerbread with some "tablet tweaks" that the team provided). But bottom line, this phone/tablet divergence in Android is set to re-converge with next release, perhaps late this year or early next year.

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