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Comment Where no cable has gone before (Score 1) 156

McCoy: Good God, man!

Kirk: I don't care how you do it, Bones, just fix the damned video.

McCoy: I'm a doctor, not a damned cable monkey!

Spock: Fascinating. This router has no jacks.

Chekov: It's a couragous router. Inwented in Russia.

Uhura: This is not a federation signal. I can't make anything out of it, sir.

Sulu: Faraday shields up. It's good to be Takei, bitches.

Comment Ok, let me get this straight... (Score 1) 308

"YTMP3 rapidly and seamlessly removes the audio tracks contained in videos streamed from YouTube that YTMP3's users access, converts those audio tracks to an MP3 format, copies and stores them on YTMP3's servers, and then distributes copies of the MP3 audio files from its servers to its users in the United States, enabling its users to download those MP3 files to their computers, tablets, or smartphones,"

So, because something can be used to commit a crime, that is sufficient reason to assume that it is?

Guns can be used to commit a crime too. A lot of crime involves a gun. But we don't ban those, right?

Comment Why not both? (Score 1) 232

I'm all for safe nuclear. Pebble bed reactors for the win.

But when you say algae biodiesel isn't available today, I think we're discussing two different things. You're saying you can't buy it today, and that's true. I'm saying we have the technology to make it if we wanted, which is also true.

As for startup cost, yeah. That will happen. But remember the first transistor was about the size of a baseball and took Bell Labs years to make. Now look what we can do. It'll be the same with algae if we choose to do it. Read that paper I posted. We already have had trial ponds and the numbers that paper uses come from those trial runs. What I'm saying is that we don't have to wait for some breakthrough like we would need to make hydrogen viable. We have everything we need right now. Land, sun, water, algae, and petrochemical infrastructure. All the pieces are already in place, just waiting for the word "go".

Here, read this. It's exciting! We could be doing this today.

If we wanted home grown diesel/gasoline, we could have it. We could stop pulling oil out of the ground and simply grow what we want. Easily and simply. By all means we should pursue nuclear and wind farms and the rest, but we should be doing this too.

Comment Re: An excellent paper on that subject (Score 1) 232

Oh sure, it's not a sexy solution at all. I'd like to see a future with a Tesla in every garage and fusion plants dotting the landscape. And I do think we'll get there someday. But this approach does have the merit of being available today. It uses the petroleum infrastructure we already have in place, so no spin-up costs there. And it's 100% carbon neutral, which will become increasingly important in the next few decades.

Millions of years of evolution has already given us a pretty darn efficient solar energy battery in algae. Even in a future with wind farms everywhere or fusion or whatever, hydrocarbons are a hard to beat storage meduim in terms of energy density. A carbon neutral hydrocarbon solution would still have a place.

Comment An excellent paper on that subject (Score 3, Insightful) 232

I take this article to be good news. Renewable energy is finally contributing to the grid well enough to where emissions will drop below the carbon emitted from transportation. This is excellent progress and excellent news.

Now, here's how you fix the transportation part. A wonderful article you can only find on the Wayback Machine, from 2004. UNH Biodiesel Group, Widescale Biodiesel Production from Algae, Michael Briggs, University of New Hampshire, Physics Department.

It's my favorite paper on the topic and I'll take any opportunity to post it.

TL;DR - if we really wanted to, we (meaning the USA) could utilize biodiesel entirely for our current transportation needs. It would be 100% renewable, carbon neutral, and all the money spent would stay inside our own borders. And any other country could easily do the same. There is absolutely NO need to haul oil out of the ground anymore.

Check the math in the paper. We really could do this.

Comment Re:Distortion on distortion (Score 1) 273

When using fx boxes to emulate other hardware, you always want a high-power, distortion-free system that can reproduce exactly what it is fed. This way, when you employ "fuzzbox v.1.9" or "fender jazzman-ish rev 6", or the former feeding into the latter, they sound like those things, instead of those things plus new grunge.

This is typical for studios; the repro system is pristine. Because you always what to hear what's there, not what's there plus something the end listener won't hear, and because as I said earlier, no general *music* repro system should be operating in a regime where it is adding distortion -- because that sucks.

There are plenty of high-power, low-noise solutions that allow emulation to do exactly what it was designed to do. You just have to be savvy enough to pick them instead of that Marshall stack you always drooled over...

Comment Open source version of siri / echo (Score 5, Informative) 186

The answer is MyCroft

I plan on buying one of these the very soonest I can once they are actually shipping the hardware. Echo is crippled by the many limitations Amazon coded in on purpose -- it's basically something that looks up text matches and does something if it finds one. No language parsing worth a damn. Even so, it's very useful, and within those limits, you can make stuff for it, Amazon's pretty open about it as long as you can set up a secure server (ugh) or use their cloud (double-ugh.) Siri, as per usual for Apple, is a much more closed system, and frankly, it's of no interest at all to me because of that.

Mycroft is completely open source. I have very high hopes for it because of that. I have reams of my own natural language processing code I should be able to plug right in the moment there is a speech-to-text engine I can use directly. Others do as well. Custom apps in the home space, that are actually somewhat smarter than...

[if string == "turn on light" then TurnOnLight]

I suggest everyone check MyCroft out. Perhaps you'll be as enthused as I. I can hope. ;)

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