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Comment Re:Completely agree. (Score 2) 225

Doesn't sound like you've got the same kind of card units we have in Europe, here they're integrated handset-sized boxes which do all the card interactions and are either wireless or cabled into the POS. They can usually be picked up for use or are mounted high up, some do have swipe slots but I've no idea why as I've not had a card that could be swiped for over a decade.

Comment Re:I thought GSM was a leaky sieve (Score 1) 150

I don't remember the powered off bit so maybe I'm thinking of something else but the attacks against SIMs would seem to still be possible, e.g. the srlabs work. The IOS security guide (PDF link) states that it'll only load cryptographically signed baseband. However that only makes any difference at boot, once loaded then I'd guess it's still fair game if it can be exploited.

IMO the FBI could get into this phone if they wanted without Apple's help, there have been a few possible options published like de-soldering certain chips and copying them. They've just picked this particular case to kick off their argument against encryption on consumer devices, quite possibly as they think they can get the most public support in this instance.

Comment Re:article should say ignorant users vulnerable to (Score 1) 146

I've used it for a while and only ever seen Lastpass ask for login details when the browser is first opened, not in the middle of a browsing session, so the timing of it would give away that it's a fake.

It's still a good attack, easy enough to have a quick brain fart and type creds into such a window.

There is an idle logout setting, if you need that enabled then would be more vulnerable to this as you would have login windows popping up during normal browsing.

Comment Re:This is a good thing. (Score 1) 291

We're not talking about a bubble suddenly bursting here and dumping 15million people onto the job market, this is a slow change that would come over decades. You can't assume the next 50 years will be the same as the last few when the country was in recession following the banking crash.

X would go and claim Job Seekers Allowance while looking for other work and possibly retraining.

Comment Re:This is a good thing. (Score 0) 291

Go and get themselves a useful skill.

The same thing they should have done in the first place rather than dropping out of school and expecting life to owe them a living.

It is a bit harsh and probably not workable in absolute, but I agree with Avarist this is a real sign of how disfunctional society has become.

Comment Re:700 ms latency, though... (Score 1) 58

The 700ms is probably talking about the network RTT seen when you ping a host as the data is travelling up to the geostationary satellite and back twice, once as it goes from you to the end host and then once again on the return trip.

However most network traffic doesn't behave like that, TCP doesn't acknowledge every packet in a connection, so not everything would suffer that kind of delay.

Comment Re:Visio (Score 1) 889

Agree with this, I do network designs and have never found anything to replace Visio and it means I always need a Windows VM on my laptop.

Inkscape came closest but just wasn't as slick and took far longer, especially with complex layouts, I ought to try it again really as it's been a few years.

Comment Re:Its not like Microsoft "secure" XP anyway? (Score 1) 137

Problem is they also need to be very careful about any files with scripts, like office docs, PDFs, etc. Then anything that uses built in OS libraries, such as image files, SSL connections, etc.

That gets hard, anti-virus is severely limited unless it does proper heuristics which seems to be rare, there are whiteboxing technologies but they are expensive and not foolproof. At some point you need to either isolate those legacy systems from the rest of the world or upgrade them.

Comment Re:marketing (Score 1) 101

And then get harassed to produce numbers to prove your point and more numbers to show how your suggestions will help reduce the risk and then even more numbers to show what the ROI to securing their IT is....

If you can't show how your suggestions will reduce risk then why would you expect a business to spend time and money implementing them.

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