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Comment Re:infrastructure (Score 2) 194

Step 1: Eliminate the "franchise fee" local government collects from cable companie(s). It's part of the Communications Act of 1984.
Either that or tar and feather your local elected officials for being greedy and helping the cable companies screw their customers.
Step 2: Convince your state government to eliminate telephone monopolies. It's been about 100 years and POTS buildout is now *shrinking*. So no need to encourage landline usage by keeping telephone monopolies.

Comment Re:AC is not the reason for bad design (Score 4, Insightful) 117

Most home buyers are only looking at the monthly payments. The only customers who know about home design (or who will hire someone else who does) are those that can put more than 20% down. The rest simply don't know, don't care, or won't pay for professional advice.

Most home sales are to uninformed customers; and the builders cater to them.

As of now, commercial and industrial construction are more amenable to new ideas.

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