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Comment Re:old wisdom (Score 0) 387

what they're proposing is "to take a giant philosophical step back and see if a new and more promising direction can be found.

OK, good advice, now do it. If you think there is some massive new physics to be discovered, then discover it. When you do, you will be admired and respected for generations, instead of mocked by me on Slashdot.

Unfortunately this is not true.

An old guy, who happen to be my father and who speaks Serbian only, took that giant step back and found more promising direction - an unified theory which explains all known physical phenomena at subatomic, atomic and cosmic levels, and which is able to theoretically calculate experimentally measured values such as mass, charge, electric arc field, magnet field, gravitation and gravitational field, as a consequence of difference in ether's local pressure and density.

Perhaps one day he will be admired and respected for generations, but so far there's no one willing to even review it - all the journals we contacted dismissed the paper for various bureaucratic reasons such as him not being employed in an university.

For those really interested, here's link (only one chapter translated to English so far):


Comment ether is the key (Score -1) 106

Einstein's theory is completely incorrect. Famous equation E=mc2 is incorrect as well. "The proof" of formula's accuracy is based upon experimental fact that derrivative of energy released in atomic fusion (dE) equals derrivative of product of mass and speed of light squared (dmc2). However, _integral_ of this equation equals E=mc2+C, with C being a constant, so Einstein's formula would be correct only if mentioned constant equals zero. Contemporary theorethical physics is meeting a dead end mainly because of incorrect assumption that interstellar space is empty, meaning its energy equals absolute zero (constant C equals zero in Einstein's equation). In reality, interstellar space is filled with vast energy and matter of great density, whereas mass represents effect of local changes in basic density and basic energy. Much more about this, including calculated gravitational constant, can be read online in my book: http://www.vasiona.rs/

Comment Re:Useless "info" (Score 1) 324

Unfortunately my knowledge of Physics is not good enough to translate it. However, i am putting this book online, so far there are 6 chapters. If you are interested maybe google translate can help you to get basic understanding: http://translate.google.com/translate?sl=sr&tl=en&js=n&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&layout=2&eotf=1&u=http%3A%2F%2Funiversedisguised.cz.cc%2Fsadrzaj%2Fuvod%2F&act=url

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