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Submission + - Freeze date and policy for Debian jessie

An anonymous reader writes: The Debian release team are happy to announce that Debian will freeze jessie at 23:59 UTC on the 5th of November 2014. If you would like your upstream software releases to be available in jessie, please ensure they are out well before the freeze of jessie.

To avoid any confusion around exactly how we will freeze, the Debian release team have prepared a draft of the jessie freeze policy in advance.

The call for release goals has finished and we have received the following proposals: Native systemd support in every package with sysv scripts, hardening of ELF binaries, debian/rules to honor CC/CXX flags, clang as secondary compiler, piuparts clean archive, cross-compilers in the archive, cross-compilable base system, SELinux, UTF-8.

The roll-call of porters has been completed and based on the number of porters, we are considering changing the current requirements to better reflect the reality of the situation. We will follow up in a future mails on the changes.

Remember, remember!
The fifth of November (2014).
The freeze of Debian jessie.
Bugs to sqash, goals to meet.

Comment Synfig is buggy and needs developers... (Score 1) 64

Speaking as one of the people who packaged it for Debian, and now has upstream commit access, synfig has lots of crash bugs and other bugs. Synfig needs more people working on the code. The original developer doesn't have time for it, and I have commit access, but not time or knowledge of the code to reduce memory usage, fix crashers and so on.

http://www.synfig.com/2006/01/26/new-developer/ [synfig.com]
http://wiki.synfig.com/Roadmap [synfig.com] (not decided on or posted yet)

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