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Comment More of the Story (Score 2, Informative) 152

I work at the Intellectual Ventures Lab where we work on inventions. While the patent system isn't ideal, we're certainly not the paragon of evil Timothy Lee makes us out to be. The invention we've invested the most in is a reactor powered by nuclear waste. We have over 30 scientists working on that now. We are developing many inventions to help eradicate malaria and have a team devoted to epidemiological modeling for that.

Intellectual Ventures has already paid over $330MM to inventors from its licensing work. We're inventors & we love invention. We're trying to create more ways for inventors to succeed at what they're good at. - Pablos.

Comment I'm the Shark (Score 5, Informative) 354

I work at the Intellectual Ventures Lab where this system is being created. Just wanted to respond to a few points in the comments:

DDT is non-discriminatory. It does kill mosquitoes, but it harms lots of other life forms as well. Because of its abuse, there are bans and economic sanctions that prevent its use. Changing that is a political problem.

Using lasers, we don't expect to eradicate mosquitoes entirely, but they can be a way to help reduce their populations enough that malaria can't survive. In particular, the laser system can help create a perimeter to keep people safe.

As far as we know, there aren't any species that rely solely on mosquitoes as a food source.

Thanks, I will try to respond if there are further questions here.

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Submission + - Web Activism Tools

Pablos writes: "A friend of mine has been working on Collactive, a tool to help you easily spread the word — about anything. It looks like a stellar way to do online activism, or even just boost your blog posts on Digg or videos on YouTube. It is especially cool that you can use it without even having to register."

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