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Comment Re:Indoctrination of the younger generation: Compl (Score 1) 395

Maybe you missed this:

Americans under 30 supported warrantless surveillance much less than older Americans.

Only a third of Americans under 30, but nearly two-thirds 30 and older, support warrantless surveillance.

It's the younger generation that is calling bullshit on this so it doesn't exactly fit with your "these millennial kids are idiots" theme.

Comment Re:Not to overplay the "ironic" label, but... (Score 1) 344

What public service, exactly, has that charity funded by the way?

Wait, really? Is this a serious question?

They've been heavily involved in relief and development in Africa, post-earthquake relief in Haiti, working on retrofitting buildings to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the US, help promote womens rights and allowing minorties access to better education. Sure there's a question about the transparency of the organization but they do a good deal of public service.

Comment Re:Oh, Argentina (Score 2) 165

It's basically a case of the US courts showing to the world that countries may not want to work within the US system to deal with bonds as it fair serious hindrance to sovereignty. The council on foreign relations stated it was probably one of the worst decisions in recent court history and could potentially move a great deal of finance from New York to other hubs.

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