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Submission + - Where DRM went wrong - criminalising the consumer

][nTrUdEr writes: The Economist has posted an excellent editorial on how DRM has gone wrong. From the article: "Most people think it ludicrous that they can't do the same with the DVDs they own. Now it seems, despite squeals from the movie industry, the law is finally moving in the video fan's favour." Also: "After likewise shooting itself in the foot for ages, the record industry is now falling over itself to abandon DRM (digital rights management) on CDs. A number of online music stores such as eMusic, Audio Lunchbox and Anthology have given up using DRM altogether. In a recent survey by Jupiter Research, two out of three music industry executives in Europe reckoned that dropping DRM would improve sales."

Submission + - The Games Industry's Biggest '07 Challenges

Ground Glass writes: Next Generation has taken a look at the recent history of the games industry (naturally including the fallout of the newly-birthed console war) and has come up with seven major challenges that must be solved in 2007. This includes some obvious things (avoiding major marketing mistakes like to hairy problems (how to encourage new intellectual property growth).

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