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Submission + - Coordinating an attack on DRM?

pHus10n writes: Very few Slashdot readers embrace DRM, and I'd like to propose something that may make an impact; something I have yet to see anywhere at the scale I'm considering. Why not coordinate extremely narrow attacks on companies that promote DRM? What I'm suggesting is mass emails to Senators and Congressmen/women on specific dates, a "Don't buy DRM material" date for iTunes, another a few days later for Xbox Live, mass emails to major news sources explaining your frustrations as a consumer, and mass emails to RIAA/MPAA members. While none of these seperately would make any long-term financial damage to a company, it would create noticable "blips" in their sales. This, coupled with a massive effort in news sources, could finally bring the problem to the forefront. Previous smaller scale efforts have been successful in many areas — consider the effort against Spore, Operation Humble Kanye with the Colbert Report, etc. Slashdot is a gargantuan community that has been able to inadvertently shut sites down through the "Slashdot effect". Can we coordinate with other major sites, such as Digg, Reddit, Facebook groups, etc to make this a massive enough effort to have an effect? What suggestions would you offer to get this off the ground, and how to organize it? What legal precedents could we use to approach Congress? Specific items to buy or stores to avoid entirely? Any discussion on this topic would be helpful. Disclaimer — I'm currently serving in the US military in Iraq, so I view DRM through the laws applicable to me. I would appreciate any other countries' members willing to participate, and how US Slashdot readers could assist in return.

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