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Submission + - UK national ID card cloned in 12 minutes ( 1

Death Metal writes: "The prospective national ID card was broken and cloned in 12 minutes, the Daily Mail revealed this morning.

The newspaper hired computer expert Adam Laurie to test the security that protects the information embedded in the chip on the card.

Using a Nokia mobile phone and a laptop computer, Laurie was able to copy the data on a card that is being issued to foreign nationals in minutes."


Submission + - Possible logo for Microsoft retail stores revealed

An anonymous reader writes: Microsoft has filed for the logo of its upcoming retail stores in the United States Patent and Trademark Office. As of publishing time, the status of the filing was "Newly filed application, not yet assigned to an examining attorney." Microsoft wants the design to be able to appear on various goods and services including "retail store services and online retail services featuring computers, computer hardware, software, computer games, computer peripherals, portable music players and accessories, personal digital assistants, cell phones and accessories, video game consoles and accessories, webcams, books, clothing, back packs, messenger bags, computer bags and novelty items."

Wipeout HD Loading Ads Scrapped After Uproar 119

RobotsDinner writes "After Monday's story about intrusive, loading-screen ads being retroactively added to the PSN racing title Wipeout HD, the popular uproar has indeed succeeded in getting Sony to pull them. You can put your pitchforks down; your voice has been heard! A Sony spokesman said, 'The ad has been removed from Wipeout HD and we are investigating the situation to ensure that any in-game advertising does not affect gameplay.'"

Submission + - Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter images Apollo sites

cunniff writes: "As has been discussed several times, the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has a camera with sufficient resolution to image the Apollo lunar landing sites. Today, they posted the first results. Images of all the landing sites are there, with Apollo 14 being the current highest resolution — the astronaut tracks between the lander and the ALSEP package are even visible! From the article: "In the current collection of images the best feature discrimination is in the Apollo 14 scene (astronaut tracks and ALSEP) even though the highest resolution picture covers the Apollo 16 site. This counter-intuitive result clearly shows that increased illumination (high signal) is a very significant factor in the true resolution of a picture." It is anticipated that even higher resolution photos will follow in the coming weeks."

Submission + - NASA releases hi-res pix of Apollo landing sites ( 1

The Bad Astronomer writes: "After much anticipation (years on my part!) NASA has released high-resolution pictures of the Apollo landing sites. The images, taken by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, clearly show Apollo artifacts on the Moon, including the landers... and in the Apollo 14 site image you can actually see the lunar surface disturbed by the astronauts' bootprints! These are stunning images, reminders of a time when our reach exceeded our grasp, and an impetus urging us to do it once again."

Submission + - Update: NOT FOUND -NASA erased the Apollo 11 tapes ( 2

mbritojr writes: "Contrary to earlier reports on this very site that NASA has found and partially restored the Apollo 11 moon landing recordings, NPR reports that the restored footage to be released today is a combination of the best broadcast footage NASA could find which was digitally remastered by a Hollywood studio. The original tapes, NASA admits, were probably recorded over during a tape shortage due to the satellite boom in the late 70's — 80's. From the article: "An exhaustive, three-year search for some tapes that contained the original footage of the Apollo 11 moonwalk has concluded that they were probably destroyed during a period when NASA was erasing old magnetic tapes and reusing them to record satellite data." "NASA has, however, offered up a consolation prize for the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission — the agency has taken the best available broadcast television footage and contracted with a digital restoration firm to enhance it, so that the public can see the first moonwalk in more detail than ever before.""

China's New Military Space Stations Coming Soon 345

WindBourne writes "China will be launching 2 new space stations this next year. One is for their civil program (as run by the military), while the second is openly for the military. It appears that there will be multiples of the military version to be launched in 2010, and that they are developing the same US Air Force Manned Orbiting Laboratory (MOL) that was canceled in 1969. In addition, it appears that China is accelerating their timelines on a number of the earlier space announcements."

Submission + - Ted "A Series of Tubes" Stevens found guil

techmuse writes: According to series of tubes sites CNN and The New York Times, Senator Ted "a series of tubes" Stevens has been found guilty of lying about free home renovations that he received from an oil contractor. He faces up to 5 years in jail, and the outcome of his current reelection bid is now in doubt.

Submission + - Unlimited is no longer Unlimited with Telus

Fr05t writes: Telus Mobility started selling an "Unlimited" wireless internet (EVDO) plan in 2007, and signed up customers with the promise of unlimited high speed. Many were assured if they signed a 3 year contract this would not change. Apparently they took a page from Verizon Wireless and have begun imposing arbitrary bandwidth caps, and enforcing a very vague TOS clause to start canceling service. Here is a forum post with the letter being sent out, and a blog covering the issue. I guess Telus must not have heard how this turned out for Verizon.

Submission + - Did iPhone Hackers Go Too Far? (

snydeq writes: "InfoWorld's Tom Yager draws attention to the unfortunate side effect of Apple's crackdown on iPhone unlocking with firmware update 2.0.1 — the possible end of open source iPhone development. 'Apple has quietly allowed open source iPhone development since the original iPhone was introduced,' Yager writes. 'Up until a couple of days ago, it was possible to develop software for iPhone 2.0 devices ... without the encumbrances of Apple's onerous developer contracts and code-signing requirements,' thanks in large part to Cydia, an App Store equivalent for open source developers and those interested in sampling their wares. But that look-the-other-way strategy on Apple's part changed once Pwnagetool enabled nonsavvy users to carrier-unlock first-gen iPhones running 2.0 firmware. 'Apple's 2.0.1 firmware update accomplishes what hackers had claimed Apple couldn't do: It relocks an iPhone to AT&T,' Yager writes. And by breaking unlocking, the firmware update also breaks iPhone open source development. 'My iPod Touch, which never made any trouble for AT&T or Apple, and never cost any App Store vendor a dime in lost sales, won't run Unix apps any more.'"
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Submission + - Ask the Makers of 3DMark (

demishade writes: "Futuremark has just announced 3DMark Vantage, the latest in the long line of 3DMark benchmarks. The coming of 3DMark is always met with great enthusiasms — usually both from those who love it death, and those who find it totally irrelevant. This latest offering stands to be perhaps even a bit more than usual, as 3DMark Vantage is runs only on DirectX 10 and Vista, making it the first game(ish) product that is fully on the path Microsoft desperately hopes all game developers will eventually follow. Now is your chance to ask directly from the people who have been pushing the graphics envelope for years for their take on the highly debated issue of whether DirectX 10 and Vista are (or ever will be) all that, and whether the world still needs yet-another 3DMark."

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