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Comment Re:Roundabouts (Score 1) 436

Here in the UK, we're starting to think that the opposite is in fact true. As a couple of examples from where I live (near Portsmouth, Hampshire), a few years ago a large roundabout that was the source of daily large traffic and a constant accident blackspot was replaced at great cost with a complex traffic light system (you only actually go through one set of lights in whichever direction you're headed, but to the uninitiated it appears complex - many people complained at first until they got used to it - nowadays there are minimal traffic delays and I haven't heard of a single accident. Similarly, in my home town of Fareham, they're currently in the middle of a project to put a lane through the middle of a large roundabout and control the whole thing with lights, instead of the free-for-all that it was before, again it's expected to reduce traffic delays and help prevent accidents. In my opinion, a well-designed traffic light system can be much better than a roundabout at both cutting delays and fuel costs, and preventing accidents.

Comment Horse. Stable door. Bolted. (Score 2) 297

Surely this is a prime case of closing the stable door after the horse has bolted? The point in RealAlternative is to be able to play back media encoded using RealNetworks' formats, without having to install RealPlayer. I haven't seen anything encoded in those formats for several years, meaning I've had no use for either RealPlayer or RealAlternative. Does *anyone* still use either?

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