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Comment Re:I have my Nexus 5 about 2 years (Score 1) 116

I agree that we should be able to use our Android devices much longer than three years.
However, if I am able to upgrade my Nexus 7 with CyanogenMod 13 (Android 6) with security patches for the next ten years or so, I am happy. I care about longivity, not the latest features (which makes me learn new things all the time). I am fine with the current feature set.

Comment Re:Some sensible things (Score 1) 168

Open Source is perhaps modestly more trustworthy, but things like the obfuscated C contest and the fact of very long lived bugs in core elements like SSH prove that open source is no panacea. Whether done by the US or somebody else, I wouldn't be at all surprised to find out that there are intentional backdoors injected into lots of open source projects, and that it is done skillfully enough that they haven't been noticed.

There may be backdoors in some free software, but this is quite unlikely for such security-focussed projects like OpenSSH (assuming you refer to this implementation).
Calling free software only "modestly more thrustworthy" is close to spreading FUD.

Comment Re:And we criticise China? (Score 0) 167

This is hardly related to human rights violations. This company decided to put an internet filter by default on your internet connection. If you don't like that, choose a different internet provider, or override this default. I would probably do the former because I don't want something that I don't control to censor my internet connection (and there may "accidental" regressions making you confirm you want to watch porn -- no matter whether that is true or false).

In any case, since you still have a choice here, this is not a human rights violation.

Comment negligent in support (Score 1) 82

Furthermore, the company says it will also stop issuing software updates to its existing Android tablets. [...] The company will honor after sales support for people who have purchased Venue Android tablets until the warranty and service contracts expire.

This seems inconsistent: If you stop issuing software updates, you are negligent in your after-sales support.

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