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Comment security through obscurity (Score 1) 27

all of them had little in the way of protection against reverse-engineering or the insertion of malware into apps.

Finding out the underlying working or source code of an application is not the actual security problem; provided of course that the program is audited, or, preferably, free software.

Comment Re:Stop eating cows... (Score 1) 278

I agree. With the goal of feeding the global human population in the future (as stated in the article) we need to become much more efficient. Automation will happen, but its importance is very small compared to what we gain from stopping or reducing meat consumption.

I grew up on a dairy farm, I'm a vegetarian and a climatologist.

Comment contra-automation (Score 1) 540

While a lot of automation replaces boring, dirty and dangerous tasks, there is a modern type of "automation" that does not automate or solve problems, and appears to be much more present than actual automation. It exists as a purpose of its own. Big consultancy and software corporations misuse the trust of other corporations, governments and people in order to create a world that is worse than what it would be without their bad advice.

Comment Re:I have my Nexus 5 about 2 years (Score 1) 116

I agree that we should be able to use our Android devices much longer than three years.
However, if I am able to upgrade my Nexus 7 with CyanogenMod 13 (Android 6) with security patches for the next ten years or so, I am happy. I care about longivity, not the latest features (which makes me learn new things all the time). I am fine with the current feature set.

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