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Comment Re:Passing the buck? (Score 1) 90

It's simple algorithmic caching. You request a URL. It looks to see if it has a copy AND that the copy is recent enough (I don't know how long is enough but it's on the order of an hour). If so, it serves it to you itself. Otherwise it fetches it from the actual host and passes it on (retaining a copy for the cache).

Comment Re:Passing the buck? (Score 1) 90

Actually, the DMCA simply limits the amount of time a cache of content identified to be infringing may be held (that is, says they cannot become a de-facto host of the material). It defines the notification to be served when the host of the data takes it down. CloudFlare and other CDNs expire cache well wityhin that time.

In other words, the claimant must notify the HOST who then must take the data down. Any CDN must then let the cache expire.

So it's fairly exllicit who must be notified and who must do the take-down and it's not CloudFlare.

Comment Re: meh (Score 1) 403

Military meals are designed with attention to the morale factor. Even the modern MRE is designed to help the soldier feel human in unfavorable surroundings. Apollo 10 was the first to officially test real bread. Gemini Astronauts smuggled aboard a kosher corned beef sandwich but it was stale and thus had too many crumbs which went airborne. By Apollo 10 it was discovered that nitrogen-flushed bread would stay fresh for 10 days. I'll have to try that.

Comment Re:Wherever data is collected, it is abused (Score 1) 165

I've heard tell that in Iceland, where the patronymics can be matronymics (?) - they just don't care - and then bastardy would have less of an impact, but I suppose the kids at school wouldn't be overly kind even in that kind of environment. "you've got no dad" But I haven't heard of many places like Iceland, anyway.

People like to pretend today that a lot of our western cultural mores aren't related to religion, but they are. We'd become accustomed to optimal nuclear family units and bastardy was considered more negative than when it was just a mechanism to make sure the 'right' heir got the land. In the Middle Ages, 'sport' was the term for going to the local whorehouse and having some fun, and nobles took it for granted that they could satisfy their lusts with whomever caught their eye.

Comment Re:Passing the buck? (Score 1) 90

They CACHE the data. That is, if they don't have an in-date cache of the requested resource, they fetch it from your actual hosting provider. Lawyers, judges, and congressmen can argue it out and decide if they are LEGALLY equivalent to a hosting provider but thus far, no such determination has been made.

Let's say I have a bunch of HTML and images I want to put on the web. So I call CloudFlare and ask them where do I upload them. They tell me I need to get a hosting provider first...

Comment Re:USPS (Score 2) 130

First class postage is still under $1 for a letter picked up and delivered door to door, usually in a few days. It's a huge bargain if you ask me.

Of course it is. And it's a huge bargain because the USPS is operating at enormous losses, losing ~$8B per year.

What's UPS going to charge you for a letter? $10? $5?

We don't know because they're not allowed to, unless the letter is "urgent" (overnight or 2-day). I suspect that their prices wouldn't be much higher (if any) than USPS, at least for urban areas. They might even be lower. People who live in more rural areas (like me) would likely pay a bit more, but that seems fair, just part of the cost of rural living.

And then they just drop the letter off at the local post office for delivery to your door usually. Same with FedEx.

That's because it's illegal for them to use mailboxes or to deliver first-class residential mail, thanks to the government-guaranteed USPS monopoly on mail delivery.

Perhaps we could scale back delivery days and save labor costs. Say three days a week to the door and only weekday delivery to P.O. boxes? That would drop about half their labor costs, keep service levels high for those who need it, and perhaps allow the USPS to get back to even instead of loosing money all the time.

That might work. While we're at it we should eliminate the monopoly and allow UPS and FedEx to compete with the USPS on all sorts of shipping, and remove all of the remaining subsidies. Let them all compete head to head on price and convenience, on a level playing field.

Comment Re:Clearly Samsung's QA department..... (Score 1) 128

Walking across the floor is a lot different from jumping up and punching a hole in the wall and doing itself structural damage.

The old washers had a 'tilt switch' that would stop them if the load wasn't well balanced. The '80s and '90s models had motors too wimpy to get dangerous. The newest ones spin much faster and must take imbalances into account.

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