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Comment Gender pay gap (Score 1) 1044

There's no evidence any more that women are getting paid less for the same job.

There is substantial evidence that women get paid less than men for the same jobs. It's not even a debate. Your assertion is plainly contradicted by the evidence. Women get paid less even after controlling for factors like child rearing, working hours, education, etc.

Comment Re:Mixed feelings (Score 1) 108

The company did nothing wrong - Prugar is an asshole who deserved what he got. If you think that he suddenly developed an attitude problem and a complete lack of professional integrity after he got fired without cause, then Occam's razor says you're wrong.

And, no a job isn't purely about personal productivity. As a sysadmin you need to document the fuck out of things, and nurture your team so they can handle things without you being around 24/7, because shit happens. If you have a sysadmin that doesn't do these things you need to fire them as fast as possible, whilst your company still has a chance of getting over it.

If you've been treated badly by big corporations for being a bit different then I can sympathise with that. Identifying with a jerk who put his company out of business because he couldn't walk away, not so much.

Comment Re:Amateur Sys-admin deserves the time (Score 1) 108

When I do contract work, I always request that any credentials I might have had be revoked, both to encourage good practice and to make sure I don't get blamed for whatever might happen after I leave.

Sometimes they do and sometimes (after entering anopther contract with them) I find my old creds still valid.

Comment Re:Read the first volume (Score 1) 235

It's also well worth the effort (and it is a lot of effort) to read the third volume, Sorting and Searching. The second volume (Seminumerical Methods) may be useful if you do certain kinds of work, but Fundamental Algorithms and Sorting and Searching are worth almost any professional programmer's time.

I have to admit I haven't bought 4A yet.

I really hope that Knuth is grooming someone to take over the work of completing the full set when he dies, or becomes unable to continue.

Comment Re:Maybe I'm more anal-retentive than most (Score 2) 117

I'm always careful to grab mine, but with all the bullshit rules these days I have FOUR FUCKING BINS plus my bag to take through TSA.

It's complete fucking security theater. Stop requiring removal of all these devices that just slow down lines and lead to lost items. It's all bullshit.

If you travel much, pay the money ($100) and go through the process of getting your Global Entry card, which also gives you TSA Pre-check. It's well worth it for the hassle it saves. For a little less ($85) you can sign up for TSA Pre only, but if you ever leave the country the $15 extra for Global Entry will make re-entering the US much easier. I recommend Global Entry even if you just think you *might* travel internationally.

Comment Re:Why can't this be detected (Score 1) 105

That shouldn't cause a lot of false lockups since it has to be different sites. How often do you even use your credit card on 2 different sites within one minute?

The real issue is, as you say, the crooks will just go low and slow to avoid the lockout. It's the same problem with password guessing. Since they don't care which particular card is solved when, they can just do many in parallel, all just below the lockout threshold and still solve cards at a high rate.

Submission + - How to View the SpaceX Falcon 9 Return to Flight at Vandenberg Air Force Base (

Bruce Perens writes: Silicon Valley folks should, sometime, take the opportunity to view a launch at Vandenberg Air Force Base. Lompoc is 4-5 hours from the Bay, 2.5 hours from LA if there's ever no traffic. An upcoming SpaceX launch is notable because it's their return to flight, months after their last attempt blew up on the pad during a pre-launch test. Read how to view the launch.

Comment Re: Less politics (Score 1) 110

Eich resigned because of external pressure on the Mozilla organization. I hear that one of the lobbying activities against him was when the dating site "OK Cupid" started informing Firefox users who accessed the site of Eich's activities and that they should download a browser made by people who don't nominate someone with gender discrimination issues to be their CEO. At the time, 8% of OK Cupid customers were there to arrange same-gender meetings.

They felt he was the public face of the company.

Russ Nelson published a piece on what he theorized was the economic motivation of Blacks to be lazy, and was booted off of the Open Source Initiative board. He wasn't thinking about how it would be perceived. A modified version of the piece is still online, but not the version that got him in trouble. In general, executives are seen as the public faces of their organizations even in the case of Nelson, who was not the chairman of the board, but was simply a member of the executive board. In Nelson's case, it wasn't that he made publicity appearances and press releases, it was that he was one of the people with the power to direct the company (and thus a more real face of the company than soneone who just does PR), and folks did not trust that someone who wrote what he did would behave as they would like in that position.

Comment Re:What's the big deal? (Score 2, Insightful) 236

Playboy departed the nude photo market due to the vast and unending supply of photos and video of all manner of naked people doing sexual things which one can access via the Internet.

However, one can make a case that a good deal of the past content of Playboy was about objectifying women and to some extent the publication still is about that.

It was a dumb decision. Several people just weren't thinking. They're embarrassed now. They learned, and won't do it again.

Comment Re: Less politics (Score 1) 110

It was only 1967 when the United States Supreme Court decided Loving v. Virginia, a miscegenation case. Preventing blacks and whites from marrying, as the State of Virginia (and many others) did with laws on its books until it was forced to remove them in 1967, is an issue of racism, nothing else. One doesn't have to be thin skinned to be disgusted by racism.

Why should I feel any different about gender discrminiation? Texas had a law on the book making homosexual relations illegal in 1998, and two men were arrested for it and similarly to Loving, helped to strike it down in the courts. Marriage discrimination is yet another legal wall erected by the prejudiced. Doesn't take a thin skin at all to oppose it and its supporters.

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