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Comment Re:spooky (Score 0, Troll) 45

Well, I'm going to shamelessly promote the company I work for - LogicMonitor. We do all that Nagios+Cacti does, plus much more, and better, and, most importantly, with minimum configuration on your part. Even alert thresholds come preconfigured for typical production environment (which you can modify, of course). The product is hosted (SaaS), so all that you need to do is to install a small agent anywhere in the datacenter, and scan the ip range (or add devices manually). A few minutes later you start to see detailed performance data for practically any device (db/mail/web/virtualization servers, storage, balancers, network gear, cloud, UPS). We can save you lots of time and effort, for a very reasonable price. Try it free:

Comment Re:Check your facts Tiger (Score 1) 343

I don't know where did he pulled that info from. There are no federal regulations about over-subscription ratios, and carriers are not required to report data on the performance of their networks to anyone. You're correct - oversubscription ratios on class 5 switch (line to trunk) are up to 5:1 for business, and up to 9:1 for residential lines. That ratio can be dynamically adjusted depending on the load at the moment. There are FCC regulations regarding emergency (911) calls, and that service has a number of high availability requirements.

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