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Comment Re:Audio (Score 2) 114

I've had this problem using my Android phone and PowerAMP to play. It turns out the problem is caused by turning the screen off and the phone trying to go to sleep. Getting an app to keep the screen on works, but then you're wasting a ton of battery.

Leaving the screen on for me stops all those problems, and I've tried it on 3-4 different affordable bluetooth speakers.

Comment SubjectIsSubject (Score 1) 322

What is the best tool right now to get right of Windows 10 "features" and telemetry? I have a tablet that dual-boots Android and Windows 10 Home and I've tried a couple different things and can't, for example, remove OneDrive from the system.

The first thing I did was set my connection to metered so that it wouldn't immediately download a ton fo updates and fill up the tablets relatively small SSD.

Comment SubjectIsSubject (Score 1) 316

Old-School USB Ports

USB 3.0 came out in 2009. Not really old-school, even if the port design is older.

Funny enough while looking that up I found this:
"Using USB 3 devices on Mac computers"

I assume they'll delete this page soon. Not like Apple cares about previous generations anyway.

Comment Re:A welcome addition to my devices (Score 1) 26

In the TechCrunch article in TFA there are a couple commenters pointing out that it was the Opera Browser part of the company that was sold. Opera Software still owns SurfEasy and is independent of the browser.

I had the same concern as well, and the Wikipedia page for Opera Software doesn't mention the Chinese acquisition.

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