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Comment So what? (Score 1) 454

Why does that even matter?

On the other side you have an awful businessman, an awful man, and a really shitty plan that will bankrupt your country and only serve to make the rich not pay a bit of taxes (if they bother to pay taxes at all).

This is presented as if it's some big surprise. Did you know: everything Hilary did that she's being reamed for is something her colleagues had told her to do, and that they had done themselves in the past?

NO? Well now you do.

Comment "less expensive wireless technology" (Score 1) 160

Well duh! Paint the town with WiFi and it'll still be fast and allow them to undercut ISPs.

People who want to pay for the last mile or communities where the cost isn't vast will be able to convince them to run fibre maybe.

Would be a much more doable strategy.

I know the point of this whole exercise was 1+Gb FTTH, but perhaps finding a 300mbps happy medium would serve communities well for now.

Comment Re:This app exists (Score 1) 311

Like... I'm sorry but your whiteness is showing. I'm white too and even I can see, because I bother to watch the ugly truth. Even I can see that someone reaching for their registration when asked to reach for their registration is following orders. Could have done nothing. Shot in front of their fucking kids.

How... fucking... dare... you.

Comment Sensors at top of car (Score 1) 440

This is a clear engineering failure and it's resulted in two high-profile accidents. One where a parking car damaged the windscreen and this one.

The flaw is already known. The Tesla's sensors don't see anything high up enough to prevent these beheading accidents.

Fools will be fools, so as engineers it behoves us to expect that. Give someone something called cruise control, and an old man will walk to the back of his Winnebago to make coffee on a long straight stretch and end up in an accident when the road turns (This happened).

Give people auto-steering called auto-pilot and they'll surely be negligent. I'd say Tesla bears part of the blame here but of course I'm going to be voted down by those who think highly of themselves and their levels of silliness at all times, until it's them making a fatal mistake.

Comment It's not about attraction (Score 1) 485

Showing different body types baring skin doesn't mean that the issue is attraction.

The issue is that fat women (and men!) get a lot of shit that they don't deserve from other people imposing their "concern" on them.

The issue might be about FEELING attractive because as human beings that's important.

The issue is that it's their body and they should be allowed to dress as they see fit. If you think it's obscene, that's your issue. You don't have to like it, but you also don't have any right to harass them over it.

Comment OTOH they won't delete hate speech groups (Score 1) 639

On the other hand, when presented with groups about literal neo nazis, white supremicists, hate groups of all kinds they claim those groups don't violate their terms of service.

Same thing for posts which espouse bigoted views. Nope, not a TOS violation. They won't take it down.

As noted by someone above, it goes both ways.

Comment I yell at them (Score 1) 321

I loudly announce "FRONT ROW PHONE OFF!"

Usually they fold up their phone and don't bring it out for the rest of the film.

In Canada I only usually see 1 person max using their phone.

(No, I don't care if you think that makes things worse. I'll keep doing it each time I see someone with their glaring phone on in the corner of my eye, distracting me from the film.)

Comment Desktop, Vagrant, Droplet, Raspberry Pi, etc. (Score 1) 185

Yeah I dig Ubuntu. For all of the things they do that make some people displeased, they have come a long way and their distro is pretty stable and fun to use. It doesn't get in my way, it does what I want it to do when I want it to do it and there are no significant barriers to me doing most work on it.

These days, the only thing that makes me sad is that the Unity3D Linux builds aren't quite up to date with the Windows ones so if I open a project in Windows I can't edit it on my Ubuntu laptop.

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