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Comment Re:Rational (Score 1) 807

Nice catch! What a perfect vignette of the government at that time. I go back to my more general assertion -- and I am not the first nor the only slashdaughter to have made it -- that US drug policy was formed out of racism. We have created a monster in the drug war and we need to deal with the mistake. eof.

Comment Re:Rational (Score 1) 807

You are absolved :). I, myself am pleased to see such an open and fair conversation on this topic. The stereotyping is simply funny to me. Me, I smoke almost every day. After my work is done, before I go home, I vaporize a bit in my office and chill. This can mean calm reflection, hacking on some piece of annoying code or reading a language guide. I don't eat cheezy-poofs, although Nutella and apple slices on an english-muffin may be the ultimate stoner indulgence food. I don't drive high or drunk and I don't expose others to my use unless they ask to be included. I have kids, so I don't use at home, but I am truthful with my kids and I am consistent in my message to them: Using cannabis or any other intoxicant is an age-appropriate thing. They are still gaining the basic experiences that will lead them through life. They are not ready for pot or alcohol. Openness is my chosen approach and it seems to work in my situation 14 states are currently under voter approved decriminalization and 13 have voter approved medi-pot laws, MA and MI being the most recent additions. California collected > $100mm in tax revenue from medical users in 2007. We are on the cusp of change in these laws, but people need to be ready to be responsible for their own choices.

Comment Re:Rational (Score 5, Informative) 807

Cannabis was renamed by white US politicians as "marijuana" to associate it with itinerant Mexican laborers. It was claimed to cause madness and violence in the "daker races". It was claimed that it caused "our" white women to seek relations with "negroes". Criminalizing it was a way to control the Mexicans and the blacks. Thelonius Monk was banned from playing New York clubs because he had a "marijuana" conviction and had his club card pulled.

Comment Re:Rational (Score 5, Insightful) 807

Actually, vaporization is far more efficient than combustion. The material is heated to the point where the organic volatiles (cannabanoids and terpenes) go through a phase change from semi-solid to gas. Because they are not being combusted (burned) more of the active compounds reach the bloodstream. Conversely, fewer harmful compounds are taken in, thus making vaporization less harmful. Oral consumption (when combined with a lipid carrier such as butter or chocolate) is one of the most efficient methods of use, although the effects are somewhat delayed when compared to smoking or vaporizing. Wow, $200. You clearly have not been to the market since the 1980's. High quality cannabis, consisting of seedless female flowers, goes ~$400/oz in most parts of the country.

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