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Comment Re:Scientific ignorance (Score 4, Funny) 475

A conversation I had at an organic food shop:

Me: Do you have any pure mint extract?
Employee: Yeah man, we've got some right over here.
Me: This is the cosmetics aisle. It says "Not for human consumption." right on the bottle.
Employee: Oh. But its organic man, its okay.
Me: So are rhubarb leaves.
Employee: Oh. Man. I dunno man.

Comment Re:IBM (Score 1) 45

IBM would have to do a lot more than support Oracle's SQL. They would have to support PL/SQL and all the hooks into very Oracle specific things like RMAN.

Due to significant differences between the ways Oracle and DB2 work, applications written to be fast on Oracle are probably not going to perform nearly as well on DB2, even if the application could be altered without much work to be faster on DB2.

It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Interview: Troll

oyenstikker writes: Interview suggestion: Interview a Slashdot troll. I suspect that many /. readers would be interested, as I am, in finding out what kind of person a /. troll is.

Submission + - Software source code security in a largcorporation

sheckey writes: "Hello. I work for a very large corporation in a research group that develops the potentially next generation software for our products. As our group gets larger and more international, the subject of source code security has come up. My question is, what are people's experiences with the concept of sharing for productivity and collaboration versus potentially losing company secrets as a team grows larger and more international? Thanks!"

Submission + - A first look at Dolphin, the KDE 4 file manager

Bottlenose writes: Ars Technica has a an overview of Dolphin, the file manager which will supplant Konqueror as the default for KDE 4 (Konquerer will still be available). Dolphin focuses exclusively on file management, and appears to take several cues from Nautilus. 'Dolphin's navigation bar is a lot like the Thunar-inspired path bar found in the Nautilus browser, and Dolphin's bookmark system is a lot like the Nautilus Places sidebar. Like Nautilus, Dolphin also has icon and detail views as well as support for thumbnail previews.' But it's not a Nautilus clone. 'In some ways, Dolphin exceeds Nautilus and provides advanced features that simplify navigation and file management. The individual path elements in Dolphin's navigation bar act as menus that enable users to switch to sibling directories.'

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