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Comment Public property ? (Score 1) 1010

Not sure about how things work in America...But looks like this school is a public school. If this is a public school, then isnt its building and facilities public property ? Like the park and the water fountain there ? Of course there can be access and usage restrictions...but in the absence of any known restrictions, wouldnt public property be usable by all and any ?

Comment Facts be damned (Score 2) 304

For those who dont read TFA
1. Kid figures out query params and post fileds in http
2. Kid mines data from a public web server to get publicly available information.
3. Kid "analyzes" data statiscally, finds a pattern to grading
4. Kid dubs it tampering. (Tampering would be if the evaluators grading were to be replaced with something else. )
5. Tech dumb media latches onto the story, makes a celebrity out of a kid scraping data off a website.
6. Education agency is pissed off for really no fault of theirs. I mean ... why is there an expectation that the results should have been secured ? The results are posted on dead tree on all school notice boards. You could go around each of those school, and gathered the same data.
Where is the effing breach Potential Consequences:
Agency lodges police complaint based on media reports (India has overbroad cyber crime laws, people have been arrested for making anti gov remarks on facebook)
Kid gets arrested when he land in India in the summer vacation
Kid asked to surrender passport till the court decides on the case
Case drags for years
Kid screwed
Slashdot : news from half assed unverified sources, stuff that ...I dont given an eff

Submission + - tag based storage and retrieval

oxygen_deprived writes: I am a c/c++ guy who has , as a side project, been asked to assist with creating and maintaining data on a panel of interviewers in our company. The domains that these panel members are expert in would vary widely, will have overlap . So , I am looking for a tag based storage and retrieval system which would let me
Add a person as a member of the panel and fill in some information about him/her
Enter a bunch of tags that describe his/her areas of expertise
Pull out a list of possible interviewers (based on tags) given a positions requirements
This should be something similar to /. 's tagging feature.

I know I can put together something of this sort fairly quickly, but that will take me some effort, and it would be a custom solution
If you folks can suggest something that works out of the box kind of, with a little customization, that would be helpful.

Comment Re:Worth every penny ... (Score 1) 377

I think you mean on access scanner, and not on demand scanner. On demand will scan only those files that you ask it to, and when you ask it to. On access scan will have a kernel hook that will intercept I/O and do a scan If you have a traffic check point on the highway where each and every passing vehicle is stopped and checked completely, then the traffic *will* slow down. There is no escaping that.
BTW , McAfee is not just anti virus. There is a hell lot more going on there.
Any IT admins around here who use ePO ? Can you speak up please ?

Comment Re:Pleasepleaseplease (Score 1) 162

Nope. We probably dont need to burn our money that way.We pass a retro effective law in our country criminalizing all your biz houses that operate here.If pepsi/coke/p&g/levis/GM/whoever were to be thrown out, or have their stuff seized here in India, it could get us far greater mileage. With the absolute majority that the ruling party enjoys currently, there probably wont even be a parliamentary debate on it.

Comment In another news (Score 1) 410

a dummy with slashdot id of oxygen_deprived claims that he can guarantee breaking 256 bit AES in 3 seconds given the following
a. A piece of known plaintext
b. A piece of cipher text corresponding to the known plaintext
c. An external encryptocomparer (yeah , I made that up, also, patent pending in some country ) that can generate , compute and compare 2^256 keys per second

Comment Re:H-1B is a Fraud (Score 1) 605

It's the kind of fraud that Indians have ingrained in to their culture and Americans seem to get better at every day.

What a sweeping generalization.Its one thing to disparage a few dollar dreamer ,racism tolerating H1 B Indians, quite another to disparage billion plus peoples' nation and a few millenia worth of culture
Speaking of fraud, greed , the underlying motivation for fraud, is not the prerogative of any particular nation of culture.
Please sir, get your head out of the sand. Blaming others for your own failures will not get you anywhere.
And speaking of fraud, as an Indian, let me assure you that fraud is not ingrained in Indian culture. Many of the people in this land are honest hardworking people, who dream of getting their kids a good education,and whose primary goal in life is NOT a house and a car on borrowed money.

Comment Re:Boost? (Score 1) 310

I second that.While I am not on embedded, my product does linux, osx, hpux, aix, solaris and windows. We started shifting to boost ( threads, serialization ,filesystem ) about 3 years ago in bits and pieces. The code is so much cleaner, easier to understand, and reliable. You may have some work to do to move to your platform (embedded is a different animal AFAIU ). The downside would be the app footprint and maybe a bit of performance hit (may be noticeable on low spec devices )

Comment Re: Licensed books (Score 1) 488

In case you arent aware Gandhi (not Ghandi) and Washington were playing against the same opponent. Lookie here ... American beat british with musket and bayonet...american is a hero... lookie here...half clothed asian drive out the same british...the brits were sissies... Gandhi was not a man. He was a movement.And your civil rights chapter would have read differently but for Gandhi inspired King. If pulling the trigger could solve problems of the world then it would have been quite an easy solution. your own guys screw you in your own courts using the laws made by your own representatives in your own legislatures, and thats freedom. Congrats.

Comment Re:Larsen != Larson (Score 1) 210

Out of curiosity, without scurrying off to wikipedia, could you differentiate a Punjabi name (130 million) from a Bengali (230 million) name?

The only last names common between a bengali and a punjabi are Dutt and Singh, and in its phonetic form, they are indistinguishable. To get around that the bengalis accent Dutt as Dutta/Datta, and Punjabis dont. Bengalis use Sinha for Singh, and pujabis stick to Singh.

Comment India, sitting in B'lore and optimistic (Score 4, Insightful) 132

You are one of the privileged few who generate enough income to be above the threshold to pay taxes.Not the entire population of India has a PAN number or a ration card or any form of id whatsoever. The central idea of the national id is NOT to track citizens. Its main aim is to counter the major malpractices that thwart the efficacy of public welfare programs, where government provided benefits are usurped fraudulently by intermediate crooks (some of whom are a part of the govt machinery) Its the pessimism of the likes of you that holds us back.The kickbacks and under the table aspects are one of the major reasons why this has been entrusted to Nilekani. Get your facts right. After a long long time we have a government that is trying to sincerely uplift the masses. If you cant support them, at least dont hinder them.

Comment The other side of the coin (Score 1) 612

A sizable chunk of H1B are Indians.Indians, who , after getting the best education ( for example at ) at government's ( and tax payer's ) expense, thought not about the society that enabled them, but about the 45 times multiplier ( 1 USD == 45 Indian rupees), and moved to the US.To contribute to a society that didnt invest a penny in them, to a state that is not interested in their welfare, not even in context of basic right to earn a living. Any guesses on where our sympathies lie ?

Its indeed unfortunate for those H1B who lose their shirt.But it is also a stark reminder that irrespective of the progress a society makes, and the freedom and equality it preaches, a migrant will never be on par with a citizen.Gandhi was a victim of discrimination in South Africa, today his children are victims of a different from of discrimination. The world hasnt changed much after al

Bad times dont last for ever. When the recession ebbs, and the economy picks up, maybe the US economy can get a punk rocker citizen to write code.

I am oh so glad I didnt give in to the temptation of pursuing an MS in an US university ( and sell off my ancestral home to pay for it ), getting a job there , only to be sacked thanklessly. I wish some of my brethren had the same foresight and commitment to their own societies that they owe their existence to

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