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Comment Re:Putting it into Perspective. (Score 3, Insightful) 112

"If you live in the US, poverty is not unavoidable. It is usually a consequence of your own actions."

Ah, yes, the American dream. You already said it yourself: "But I'm very blessed.". Not all people are.

Saying that everybody can get out of the trap is non-sense. It may be very invigorating for you to think so, but in the end you're turning it around.

That you made it doesn't mean that everybody else can. Do you really think the *because they want to be*, because they are lazy, because they are quitters?

Just for fun, draw up a list of all the things that could have stopped you achieving what you did. You might find life is even better than you expected. You'll hopefully also see that your life cannot be lived by everybody else.

Comment Re:Plain stupid reasoning (Score 1) 210

We're moving into a situation where the climate changes will force people from coastal areas, both poor and rich alike. We're still polluting and depleting the Earth at an alarming rate. Furthermore, the income gap between the rich and poor is widening. There seems to very little control, and where it does exist it's often more evil than where it doesn't exist. Besides all that we're still living in between nukes and nuclear power plants and those *are* going to blowup once in a while, if history has thought us anything. All these facts will lead almost certainly to renewed war and social instability.

Sure it feels cozy living at the current time (I say when 30% in NL, one of the richest countries in the world, has problems balancing their checkbooks). But I don't assume that's universal, and I surely don't think it will last.

One of the more likely scenarios for never having had any contact with a alien civilization is that they blew themselves up just a few thousand years after the first big scientific breakthroughs. One of the issues with globalization is that extinction will be global as well.

Then again, I'm going to ponder this over further behind a freshly made capucino.

Comment Re:Pretty much everything (Score 1) 299

I was looking in vain for my ethernet port for my Lenovo Yoga 3 laptop lately. Very nice price for a good IPS touch display, WiFi AC, backlit keyboard, Samsung SSD, i7 and 8.6 GB of RAM. But when my cable internet provider asked me to test the connection I was searching in vain for my ethernet port. I never even imagined that such a machine comes without ethernet support. Fortunately the USB 3 ethernet connector of Lenovo is pretty cheap and works amazingly well. As you still need the ethernet cable I'm not sure that USB-3 has replaced it, but it certainly replaced the port on the laptop.

Comment Re:It is hip to be square (Score 1) 128

Yes, but that's not what this seems to be about:

We have used a number of patches on top of OpenSSL for many years. Some of them have been accepted into the main OpenSSL repository, but many of them don’t mesh with OpenSSL’s guarantee of API and ABI stability and many of them are a little too experimental.

For something that includes experimental patches, *boring* would be an extremely stupid part of the name.

Comment Re:POTS... (Score 1) 582

Maybe so, but I've still got one of those plain old telephones that do work on a POTS line lying around. And I would not be surprised if many people still have one of those lying around as well. Of course, I've long given up on the POTS subscriber line, so it won't make much of a difference.

No internet means no television, no radio, nothing. I've however got 3 internet connections; one DSL, one mobile backup provided by my internet provider and a telephone. This telephone is will also receive an SMS if anything catastrophic happens in the neighbourhood.

I'm hoping on quick restoration of mobile lines if something does happen. In the Netherlands that's probably a storm, an industrial accident or flooding, we are happily void of earthquakes, tornadoes, tropical storms...

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