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Comment Re:"Personal experience as evidence" (and more) (Score 1) 278

Nice story, Bro. Unfortunately, it's the other way around. Look at circumcision. Men are here only to be used as sec objects by the women and sent to die in their petty, bitch wars. Real men understand that it's not about subjugating woman; it's about escaping her tyrannical hegemony of bad ideas. Religion? All just solipsistic feminine thinking. Patriotism? Doubly so. Cast off your illusions, mate!

Submission + - Did Reuters employee who breached Tribune Media serves leak Reuters .XML source? ( 1

owenferguson writes: "RT is reporting that "the deputy social media editor for Reuters has been indicted by the US Justice Department for allegedly conspiring with members of the hacktivist (sic) movement Anonymous."

According to a justice department statement, "After providing log-in credentials, [Matthew] Keys allegedly encouraged the Anonymous members to disrupt the website. According to the indictment, at least one of the computer hackers used the credentials provided by Keys to log into the Tribune Company server, and ultimately that hacker made changes to the web version of a Los Angeles Times news feature.” Once could almost say he gave away the keys to the castle.

So it's interesting to note that all of's .XML source code was leaked last week just before this gaping goatse was discovered in their security aparatus. At least they're closing the barn door now."


Submission + - Leaked financial network map illustrates grim newspaper future. (

owenferguson writes: "On Monday, the Toronto Star, a storied Canadian newspaper which once plaid host to Ernest Hemingway, announced austerity measures. The corporation is unique, in that its corporate constitution mandates a certain fundamental civic responsibility codified in a numbered-list basic editorial policy.

The 5th of these reads "The Rights of Working People: The Star was born out of a strike in 1892 and Atkinson was committed to the rights of working people including freedom of association and the safety and dignity of the workplace."

Over the past weekend, an anonymous source posted 4.6GB of .xml files detailing the exact compensation histories and ownership positions the CEOs and Directors of the preponderance of listed corporations.

While the TorStar executive salary information is quite embarrassing (it can be found in document A2911 of the archive linked above) the truly remarkable picture that emerges from an analysis of the entire archive is the incredible number of indiscreet ownership links which enmeshes the TorStar corporation firmly in the middle of the corporate fiscal influence network.

A simple grep of the entire archive paints a revealing picture of the propaganda media model, which posits that newspapers and other media serve corporations as their primary customers, providing audiences as their primary product. Compensation links to TorStar are evident at the officer-level in 67,461 different corporate manifests. This is just under 10% of the entire cache of 680,906 documents.

TorStar was not the first corporation I grep'd for, but it was the first to pull up so many payback links that it crashed my computer. I'm sure other computer users with big iron and visualization programs can make much cooler info-graphics from the trove. Have at it, y'all! I'm currently limited to just an Atom-powered 1GB Ram pocketbook. Donations and solicitations always welcome.

This seems to be part of a trend towards zero for the value of reportage. TorStar mother corp engages in "anonymous" yellow journalism on Wikipedia to manipulate national identity, while the newspaper itself does the same to protect its subsidiary intellectual property operations.

Fair disclosure: Back before the turn of the millennium, I was a Toronto Star Radio Room Operator. I wish them the best of luck with their attempt to outsource their core competency as a civic institution for training journalists.

My own unsatisfying experience with TorStar corporate demagoguery was part of the inspiration leading to the creation of my own ISBN-issuing publishing company."

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