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Comment Re:Inflation (Score 1) 345

That's the nice thing about gold? Dude, the US may be in a recession, and we may even be in a depression, and yes we have a national debt, but we are far, far from that level of Armageddon. I mean, even if we were forcibly reduced to an Afghanistan-level of economic destruction, which incidentally is the polar opposite of where we currently stand in the world economic hierarchy...You don't see those guys doing that. That's a survivalist fantasy.

Comment Re:conservatives (Score 2, Insightful) 759

Businesses are taxed on profits, not revenue. Individuals are taxed off the top, regardless of whether your expenses are met.

Why all the sympathy for businesses? Aren't they supposed to be scrappy and innovative? I can understand the healthcare burden, but payroll is in a separate accounting category than profits...

Comment Re:Yes...this will end well (Score 1) 759

I've said it before and I'll say it again - people who give one crap either way about ACORN need to get a life. That is one of those trigger words just like welfare queen, gay marriage, abortion, stem cell, terrorist, muslim, WMD, inside job, and any mention of Ronald Reagan, along with the ever-beloved collection of nobama, teleprompter, community organizer, and a hundred other words that instantly reveal the speaker's information sources.

Do we need to constantly be outraged about everything? Does it do anything but give one that deranged conspiracy theorist look?

Comment Re:On the other hand.... (Score 3, Insightful) 329

There are so many reasons to do any particular action in life. Several people I know who use drugs do so to achieve altered mental states - call it self-exploration. So where do you draw the line? Should I look down my nose at you papering over your life because you drink coffee? Does intent matter?

People should stick to determining what is most healthy and fulfilling for their own lives & let others do the same.

Comment Re:ARM is going to end up in servers (Score 2, Informative) 148

Atom is a Xeon with things disabled due to manufacturing issues?? Dude you are out of your element.

Atoms are manufactured in different facilities, designed by different teams, in a completely separate division of the company! Also, Xeons consume an order of magnitude more power than Atom.

And remember that the reason Intel dominates is due to manufacturing capability. Nobody can touch them. They do not have massive batches of defective chips being packaged and sold.

Comment Re:NO Govt Seizure of Private Business (Score 1) 169

CEOs are acting just like individuals do, except with amplified powers and priorities. In my personal life, I am free to do anything that is not explicitly illegal. In legal grey areas, I assess the risk vs. reward and proceed accordingly. With the corporate veil, corporate size bank accounts, and attorneys on staff, CEOs have more leeway than an individual to venture into the grey area. Human history is largely composed of people violating existing rules and either getting away with it or not...Judging morals is like armchair quarterbacking.

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