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Submission + - PICing Arduino (

overshoot writes: At the Bay Area Maker Faire this weekend, Digilent showed a couple of new Arduino family boards — but these are based on 32-bit PIC micros. The IDE is the standard Arduino one, GPL, but with support for both AVR and the PIC devices. The performance is nice, but the thing that got my attention is all of the serial I/O of the Max32.

Submission + - There really is a "stupid" gene (

overshoot writes: Researchers have discovered a gene in mice that reduces the ability to learn and remember. When researchers produced mice without the RGS14 gene, they were better able to remember objects they'd previously encountered and were quicker to learn mazes. Humans also have RGS14, so science has confirmed what we've always joked about: there really is a "stupid gene."

Submission + - Speech gets (slightly) freer in UK (

overshoot writes: Simon Singh, the science writer sued by chiropractors in the UK for daring to call their claims "bogus," just won an appellate decision that his writings are "fair comment." Best of all, the Court was extremely critical of British libel laws and compared the standards Singh faced in the lower court as an "Orwellian ministry of Truth" and held that scientific disputes should not be fought in the courtroom.

Submission + - Jury rules in SCO v Novell (

overshoot writes: Looks like the obese lady in Utah is at least warming up: the jury in SCO v. Novell has returned their decision. It would seem that like Judge Kimball, they don't believe Novell transferred its Unix copyrights (whatever they may be, not that anyone knows by now) to CalderaThe SCO Group.

Submission + - LED wiring for new construction? 1

overshoot writes: With any luck I'll be building a new house in the next year. Rather than wire it for 19th century lighting, I figured it was about time to plan ahead for LED illumination, complete with designed-in addressable color controls and all that. Which is all well and good, but the current house was preplanned for LAN, too — and I totally missed the boat on LAN wiring standards. I'd rather not repeat that little bit of history, but I haven't found any standards in the pipeline for 21st century home lighting connections.

Anyone have suggestions?

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