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Comment Re:The only way this will get fixed (Score 1) 164

Actually I think it's time they were made legally responsible for their product's security. Practically speaking they could never know about every single attack vector that could be dreamed up. But using making them (on pain of large, ongoing fines) use decent security protocols and decent, random default passwords would be a start.

Comment Re:Flamed (Score 1) 491

I don't think you get to make a generalisation about a group of approaches to software development when you have never used them ;)

Not having the need for them is perfectly valid though, if you're in that kind of situation then you're actually very lucky. Things like Waterfall can work and work well, the whole point though is that one size doesn't fit all. So whether you're Scrum or Waterfall it doesn't actually matter. Just like development tools, you use the best thing for the job.

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