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Comment Re:Electric cars... yawn (Score 1) 336

What he is describing does not sound like a super car. Yes it has advantages but it is not going to produce anything 'super', getting enough energy from a battery to propel a car down the quater mile in a 'super' time is not gonna happen. Getting enough power from a battery to do 'super' sustained high speed runs is not gonna happen. Thousands of years of human existance would suggest cars in general are overkill for daily life. Being quiet vs being loud and noisey is subjective, some people like noisey and loud. EV are not good at speed, perhaps your version of 'speed' and my version of 'speed' are different. You also failed to address any of what I put forward such as the widely available fuels, the fact that there are road driven sub 7 second cars and that all documented races by Tesla are poor... I don't consider any thing running double digits in quarter mile fast. Methanol is a naturally occuring substance that can be made from waste products so it is green as well. So like I said at the very start electric cars... yawn.

Comment Re:Electric cars... yawn (Score 1) 336

Nitromethane? There are a variety of fuels out there that can be bought in bulk for cars in the seven second bracket... VPImport, Methanol, add good squirt of NOS. How about we switch the argument to range then, how many LeMans cars are running for 24 hours on batteries? Plus the summary (you did read the summary right?) said "electric-powered supercars" how many Lambos, Ferraris, Bugatti do you see being driven to work? How many for grocery shopping? Tesla roadster runs 12.7 quarter... so Subaru WRX times... wow! Street car running sub 7 seconds: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lwF-kr91uxU http://www.autoblog.com/2010/09/22/videos-worlds-fastest-street-car-drives-1-200-miles-whips-off/

Comment Re:Source (Score 1) 255

And what is wrong with the Australian government representing the best interest of its people and not the interest of corp America? Why when Australia was negotiating the Malaysia solution for immigrants was the US putting pressure on Malaysia to tie any deal to plain packaging of cigarette to suit american tobacco interests? As an Australian I say bugger off to America trying to pervert my country and is purchasing interests for its own selfish / corporate reasons. What about America putting the pressure on New Zealand over Kim Dot Com - a raid that turned out illegal? Your rant completely fails to address my point, that it is entirely possible and probably that in many deals with China FUD is introduced by the US to suit its own interests, or Australia is pressured to create FUD to keep the US happy. What the f*ck are you talking about treasury bonds for? Or China investment? Or F15? It's bad enough our boys are being blown up in US wars (Still looking for the WMD, what was that even about? Oh yeah Oil) But to have the US and US coporate interests playing shenanigans for stock holders is a piss poor effort.

Comment Re:Why is CP illegal? (Score 1) 714

Or 15 year olds that are sexting... seriously that is the state of play now. You can be put on a sex offenders list for taking photos of yourself. Under these circumstances please explain who the victim is, the person knowingly taking photos of themselves and distributing them? Or the recent issue in Australia of a well know artist that painted children naked but without their bits showing and all the crazies came out the woodwork completely glossing over the difference between art and porn or even nudity and porn. Or how about Japan and their comics? I bet if real doll (TM) brought out a 12 year old model all the same arguments would be made including "think of the victims" despite there being no victims. Crazies gonna craze!

Comment Re:Define "bug" (Score 2) 384

So what your saying is the customer failed to roll out changes to a test environment before releasing to production and got burned. For mission critical systems no less, sound like someone needs to be fired, maybe even a whole team. It wasn't your bug and so your entitled to bill for fixing it, so in answer to the slashdot question - yes bill them for bugs.

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