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Comment Self Driving Crash Test Dummies (Score 1) 278

Didn't see this posted but what the hell. Would this be a good opportunity to push self driving cars forward? These DUIs need to get to work, we need real world testing of these steering wheel-free Google cars. Might save a few folks who made a mistake from falling into a hole they can't crawl out of. Morally superior types have their Scarlet Letter in the form of the Google Dorkmobiles. Cameras everywhere inside/out to make sure the system isn't gamed. I'm sure I've ludicrously simplified the issues, but think there is an opportunity here.

Submission + - Microsoft Suspending "Patch Tuesday" emails?

outofluck70 writes: Got an email today from Microsoft, text is below. They are no longer going to send out emails regarding patches, you have to use RSS or keep visiting their security sites. They blame "governmental policies" as the reason. What could the real reason be? Anybody in the know?

From the email:

Title: Microsoft Security Notifications
Issued: June 27, 2014

Notice to IT professionals:

As of July 1, 2014, due to changing governmental policies concerning the issuance of automated electronic messaging, Microsoft is suspending the use of email notifications that announce the

* Security bulletin advance notifications
* Security bulletin summaries
* New security advisories and bulletins
* Major and minor revisions to security advisories and bulletins

In lieu of email notifications, you can subscribe to one or more of the RSS feeds described on the Security TechCenter website.

For more information, or to sign up for an RSS feed, visit the Microsoft Technical Security Notifications webpage at

Comment Re:You don't (Score 1) 683

Just curious if you've spoken about Ken McElvain before on Slashdot, I seem to remember similar comments in a past about a "Ken" maybe it was you. While not a programmer myself, the success of my job depends upon good code. I have good vendors and bad ones. One is particularly good, and I wonder what his code looks like. I know that sounds idiotic, but looking at it wouldn't help me do my job better (can't code). I wonder if he's more like the mad genius, or actually puts in helpful comments. Maybe one day I'll have enough spare time to check it out. Thanks for the insight.

Comment Re:No or few cultivated forms of social engagement (Score 1) 138

Don't be so modest, your English is better than just about any American's I know. The only tip off to you being across the pond was "socialising" which I believe is spelled correctly for Europeans. Not sure about "demografic" though, it's demographic in the USA. Also we usually spell the "90ies" as 90's Otherwise, you've fully embarrassed my writing abilities, well done! :)

Comment Re:Reviews (Score 1) 532

At this point, the only reason for B&M stores to exist is for time critical situations when you can't wait a day or two to get your item off the internet.

Indeed. Has anyone gone to staples and wandered over to their IT aisle? Jumpin Jehoshaphat! $35 for a USB hub!This is the realm of the Poorly Planned Trade Show.

Comment Re:After a lifetime of experiences ... (Score 1) 680

Very recently I was in the emergency room with chest pain, and had some time to uh, spend while waiting for test results. My smartphone is full of "captured images". They were a comfort and a welcome distraction from contemplating my immediate fate. While I certainly see your point, and actually began looking at them with a plan to clean them up, I was happy to view every poorly rendered image.

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