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Comment Re:Wikipedia ruined the internet (Score 4, Informative) 517

Not necessarily...see this report http://www.scientificamerican....

In this study, however, docs told patients they were getting placebos. Eighty patients with irritable bowel syndrome were instructed to take two sugar pills daily. The bottle even had "placebo" printed on it. After three weeks, 60 percent of the placebo group reported relief from symptoms, compared to 35 percent who’d received no treatment at all.

Comment Re:Electrostatic... (Score 1) 344

And I thought these were ridiculous...

I listened to these when they were the IRS (Infinity Reference Series) in about 1983 and the klipschorns...The IRS blew them away...way out of my price range at 40K in '83

(heresy for anyone from Arkansas to say the above...the Klipsch home base was just south of where I currently live...even visited the factory years ago)

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