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Comment Re:Rant (Score 1) 149

Instead of sliding to the side, you slide straight up and down. Further, the slider bar is the width of the entire screen, so it is huge. Now, this is stupid beyond belief...

And yet, at 8am in the morning, I am still incapable of either :-

a) sliding it in the right direction
b) hitting it at all!

Can someone please invent a slide-to-unlock that is both bigger (dinner-plate size should do) and requires zero hand eye coordination.

Comment More worrying (Score 2) 331

Although I have no reason to doubt the validity of your point your post highlights a more worrying trend - the inability to differentiate between how a word is spoken and how it is spelt - "Southern bell" is in fact "Southern belle". It comes from the French word for beauty and has nothing to do with the things you find in churches.

Comment Re:Who watches the watchmen? (Score 1) 1018

"Obviously that bastard couldn't care less about all the bankers who will lose their livelihoods as a result of this information being made public. He's nothing but a traitor to the free market--and probably a communist, socialist, fascist, muslim, Nazi, child molesting rapist too!"


Comment Re:This is why he has to be tried over here (Score 1) 452

If the treaty was only became part of US law in 2006 and UK law in 2004 how can it be considered relevant in a case that started in 2001? When the first formal request for extradition was made late 2002 / early 2003 the law did not exist in either country and the case did not involve an extraditable offence anyway.

Comment Mere Conduit? (Score 1) 254

"The UK's Virgin Media could start suspending persistent file sharers"

Surely once should be enough! The police don't wait until you have persistently commited a crime before arresting you. In order to establish that you were a persistent file sharer wouldn't they lose the right to claim they were acting as a 'mere conduit' in order to avoid civil liability themsleves?

On a secondary note - if they warned a customer ahead of time about their alleged persistent *illegal* file sharing (as distinct from sharing, say, open source software) would they be allowed to "promote" their new service at the same time (and would this amount to a "get out of jail not-so-free card" or alternatively "demanding money with manaces")?

Comment Re:It is still theft (Score 1) 231

Say what you like, but downloading music and movies for free is still theft, no matter how you look at it.

Maybe where you come from. Here in the UK theft is theft and copyright infringment is copyright infringement - Theft is covered by criminal law and results in a prison sentence, copyright infringement is covered by civil law and results in damages being awarded.

Regardless - Here in the UK downloading music and movies is neither theft or copyright infringement - however uploading music and movies would be the latter....but its still not theft!


Submission + - Supercomputer Simulates Mouse Brain

ougouferay writes: "The BBC is reporting that a team of researchers from the IBM Almaden Research Lab and the University of Nevada have used a BlueGene L supercomputer to model a mouse brain consisting of 8000 neurons and 6300 synapses.

The team have reported observing "biologically consistent dynamical properties", neurons form spontaneously into groups and synapses firing in ways similar to patterns seen in nature."

Comment Re:Right... (Score 2, Insightful) 126

Numenta's goal is to build a software model of the human brain capable of face recognition, object identification, driving, and other tasks currently best undertaken by humans.

Surely we have plenty of humans available to do tasks 'curently best undertaken by humans' :)

Seriously though... while it might be useful to develop AI systems in this area as timesaving devices, the examples given above aren't really in that category - IMO AI research could be better applied to tasks humans can't achieve so easily (and maybe provide an insight into why that is the case) - I guess I just don't buy into the whole 'we can make something just like a human - but that isn't one' view of AI.

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