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Comment Re:A grain of salt (Score 1) 134

Oops, premature post. The author of the article didn't make the benchmark, I did. The sub-tests are in fact deliberately weighted to take similar times and be reasonably representative of different aspects of the JavaScript language. Specifically, the individual sub-tests were calibrated to take about the same amount of time as each other in the most popular browsers, excluding browsers that were a sole outlier on a particular test. Using a geometric mean would give the result that a browser that took 1 second to do task A and 1 second to do task B would score the same as a browser that took .25 seconds to do task A and 4 seconds to do task B. It's not obvious to me that this is the case; I tend to think it isn't. (Test bug with string indexing acknowledged, but it only affects one of the sub-tests afaik. It will be fixed in a future version of the benchmark. There's a reason I posted it for public review before publishing any competitive numbers myself.)

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