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Comment self created problems (Score 1) 254

A few years ago, PHP had several large frameworks (e.g. CakePHP, CodeIgniter, and so on). Each framework was an island and provided its own implementation of features commonly found in other frameworks.

More like frameworks deliberately exist to create islands with their own implementation of features commonly found in the language itself:

and on, and on, and on...

The headline should read, "Derps fall for new patchwork to solve self-inflicted fracturing problem, film at 11"

Comment Re:In before... (Score 1) 321

However this opens the door to Christians taking down Atheist videos, Atheist taking down Christian videos, Islamic taking down Jewish videos, Jews taking down Islamic videos, $cientologists taking down Subgenius videos, Subgenii taking down $cientology videos and Anonymous taking down any server that displeases them.

No, it doesn't. Did you even read the summary? I mean no one reads the article, but at least read the summary ffs. The actress was duped, it's being taken down on the basis that it's a misuse of her image. That doesn't open the door for any damn thing. Sickening that the post got modded insightful.

Comment Re:What I get from this (Score 1) 62

is that traditional investigative work functions to capture people, and not indiscriminate collection of meta data.

But just think of how quickly they could've caught teh evil turrrists if they had everyone's phone info! Then they wouldn't have had to go through all of those steps to get the one guy they wanted! See, it's a budget-saver too, and we all know the budget is out of control. Problem solved.

Comment Re:Rabbits were used first (Score 1) 159

One last bit of trivia: this isn't really news. I mean, I obviously find it cool, but seriously, 1960 was the discovery. Beta isn't bad enough, now they're altering the content too?

Perhaps they're trying to steal this awesome column from hackaday. I really wish they'd quite trying to make slashdot into something it's not...

Comment Re:Internet access should be a socialized service (Score 1) 520

Communications is so critical that the US Constitution writes in the Postal service as part of it.

and interestingly 225 years later we are still arguing about the very same implementation details For example:

Col: Mason was for limiting the power to the single case of Canals. He was afraid of monopolies of every sort, which he did not think were by any means already implied by the Constitution as supposed by Mr. Wilson.

Sounds like exactly what happened when we began to "grant charters of incorporation where the interest of the U.S. might require" anyway...

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