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Comment Not a major problem! (Score 5, Interesting) 155

I'm Irish, and at the rate this country is falling apart, they'll be nobody left here to access the internet in a few years. This is typical of the current Irish government, faffing about with silly non-existant problems, while failing to tackle the major problems like the economy, the collapse of the banking sector, the arse falling out of the property market, the child abuse scandal involving the catholic church, the alcoholism of the country, the violent crime thats becoming more prevalent etc. We're €81,000,000,000 in the red due to the cronyism of the banking and construction sector and this is what we waste our time with!

Submission + - Perpetual motion "gizmo" surprisingly does ( 1

osullish writes: "You may remember this topic on slashdot a while back about an Irish company Steorn Ltd. claiming to have broken the laws of thermodynamics by creating a system that created energy from nothing. Sceptics on the board scoffed — however the company claimed they would allow the technology to be inspected by a group of "international scientists" selected by Steorn. Well Steorn finally have revealed their Perpetual Motion device, called Orbo, last week — and surprise surprise it doesn't work
I wonder how many investors are nervously contacting their solicitors."

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