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Comment How on Earth I know this pic without having FB?! (Score 0) 196

How on Earth I know this pic without having FB?! And dont give me BS about some "yaaaay im a rebel". I have an account to stalk idiots from my past stupid enough to post their real names. So how the fuck I do know all those pictures and 99.9% of the stories you are talking about WITHOUT having this retarded account? For all of you whining about FB censorship theres a special place in hell for putting "=" between internet and Facebook You retarded sheeps are a disgrace.

Comment Sleeping with Merkel got him persona non grata (Score -1) 326

Ginger dumbfuck SJW joined the coalition against the free speech in EU, namely about feminazis, immigration etc, shakin hands with well known evil bitch destroying the Europe. This renders him *immediately* as a public enemy at least in the Eastern and Central Europe. And, I presume, almong whole bunch of people with IQ above the room temperature. This stupid portal might as well just shut down the servers in that area, since they are censoring EVERYTHING, leaving empty castrated posts abouth nothing. Good. Die.

Comment Stupid subject is stupid (Score 0) 464

Muricas time is finished. The shortest, like 50 years, empire in the history. No, you dont do this to the guy who created your nervous system. This is a country of unbelievable stupid people in power. By any logic this just cant prevail. Mindless puppets should not be allowed to even stay close to the knowledge and intelligence contributors like Ian. This is obvious: country like that cant hold a superiority for more than a generation of idiots granted with enormous power. Roman Empire was calling and asking for Vandals

Comment Re:No one put up a fight?? (Score 0) 347

Nothing to fight. I got excellent professional linux full of binaries but with no-hassle-whatsoever desktop environment, the most stable I ever worked with. It's free as a beer and came preinstalled with my MacBook Pro. Yosemite. I encourage everyone: if you choose the binary Linux - choose the best one. Just not for servers.

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