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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Enterprise level network devices for home use? 3

osho741 writes: I was wondering if anyone has enterprise level networking devices set up at home? I seem to go through at least 1 wireless consumer grade router a year or so. I can never seem to find one that last very long under just normal use. I thought maybe I would have better luck throwing together a network using used enterprise equipment. Has anyone done this? What would you recommend for a network that maxes out at 30mbps downstream from the ISP and an internal network that should be able to stream 1080p movies to 3 or 4 devices from a media server?

Any thoughts and or suggestions are welcome.

Submission + - Androind 4.0 Source Code Released (

osho741 writes: "Google released the source code for Ice Cream Sandwich today. Included in the release is the source for Honeycomb (Andriod Version 3.0) which has never been released to the public until today. Android fanatics everywhere can expect developers to begin incorporating the new source into existing custom roms."

Submission + - Your're Charging It Wrong (

osho741 writes: "Apple's new IOS 5 may be the cause of excessive battery drain according to a growing number of users. Peoplereporting a battery drain of as much as 40 percent in 3 hours. Various fixes from user have also been posted that include turning data intensive application like ICloud off to help save battery life and doing a complete factory reset. The fixes have had some limited success. Apple has yet to publicly address the issue."

Submission + - Your Charging it Wrong! 1

osho741 writes: "There is a growing number of people posting to the apple support forums on complaints about the battery life of Apple's new mobile operating system. Users are complaining that battery life is so poor that they are seeing the phone power drop from a full charge to 50 percent in a matter of hours. Users on the forum are trying all manner of fixes including turning off all data intensive applications and restoring the phone using it's restore software with varying degrees of success. Apple has yet to respond offically about the issue"

Submission + - batterygate 2 (

osho741 writes: "Iphone 4s early adopters discovering severe battery drain on some iphones. There is also a growing thread on the apple support forums about this as well. It is not limited to the 4s iphone 4 and 3gs models also seem to be suffering from it. So far apple has remained quiet about it. The phones drain as much as 40 percent in a three hour window of use."

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