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Comment Starting today Amazon takes advantage ... (Score 2) 105

Of people with no math skills ... or ability to save.
You can get amazon prime, free shipping, discounts AND streaming for $8.25/month .... with one lump sum or pay significantly more by paying per month of a low rate of 10.99 ....
But 10.99 is less then 99.00 so it is such a great deal :)

Comment I want 45 min of my life back (Score 1) 653

I read the article looking for some form of redemption but found none ...
I will summarize for you so you can save your self.
Guy who feels he knows better then everyone went on a rant since he didn't like the "others" dirtying his beloved place with their presence without ever interacting with them. Most people were outraged his name went through the mud and he was shunned for his views. He then decided it was time to show he knew better then everyone and failed totally and completely and befriends a token homeless guy. Now he is back at work someplace irrelevant, yet still has done nothing to show he learned to respect their plight and ends with how everyone else is wrong (ie the people he (*&^%$^ elected to run the place) he is right if only people would listen.... sounds like the same guy to me, I was looking for something he did that worked, something he did that made a difference and found just a fluff piece.

Comment Interesting Bit (Score 5, Insightful) 175

I suspect what is starting to happen is COX is starting to realize that before it was fairly passive, all they had to do was hand over info. However, with TIPP and other programs being pushed through it will cost them actual dollars to police for the entertainment industry, payments that can not be so easy to extract from users. They want to now make sure that burden is placed on the entertainment industry and not themselves. There is no altruistic goal here, just who has to pay.

Comment Re:ENOUGH with the politics! (Score 1) 1094

If only it was this simple and true. I would suggest you read a little of American history. At the peak of the Railroad boom there were 187 different rail companies each running their own lines (comparisons to Telco today is quite similar). This did a few things: /n 1) barrier to entry was very high /n 2) many companies couldn't keep up and largerr /n companies could sweep in and buy the rails and right of way on the cheep (Ie a little fraud going on .. just like Telcos today. Start a "new" company get a whole bunch of suckers to invest, build out, go bust and then sell it to your real company on the cheep) /n /n in Baltimore for example they HAD trains (Street cars) that went all over, and where highly efficient bringing people from outside the city and into the city. It was all torn up, disposed of and removed to make way for Oil ... (as in rubber tires) there are no more street cars instead lots of cars and no decent transit system. /n However, the USA DID invest in highways and roads, go to other countries (such as your perfect example of Russia) and you can see the huge difference in road quality. Instead of trains the USA built roads and continues to fund them, perfect example of that in my state of Maryland is the ICC it cost 4 billion to build and did nothing to help with traffic or congestion, what it did manage to do is jack up all tolls in the sate to pay for a road no one needed. If instead they built a train to connect BWI --> Wheaton --> Sandy Spring Metro that would have been a massive boon to commuters to not use 495. The cost would have been the same. (since it would have been the same corridor the ICC used) So clearly they did not feel spending 4 billion for the "public good" was a waste they just spent it on a project that was not good for that many of the public.

Comment New Tech (Score 1) 139

This is a mixed bag, on the one hand you need some form of regulation for safety and responsibility. On the other hand taxi cabs don't effectively serve many areas with no real incentive to change (For example mine ... if I want a traditional cab company to pick me up I need to call the day before, and pray that they show up on time ... if they show up 15 min late oh well .. If I am 5 min late I get charged per min)
Some of the laws are protectionist to keep others from offering the same service but better. Others are to protect consumers. When there are bad laws on the books that are profiting the people representing us they are almost impossible to remove without a serious shakeup of the industry and massive consumer awareness that it doesn't have to be this way.
Seriously ask yourself, before Uber did you even know how much the price of medallion was? Did you even know what the relevant laws were? Since there was no other option we just accepted it. Yes people complained and small fixes were done like flat rate to airports from major cities and the like, but no serious major look at the system. Now people are aware, and uber (and others) is getting the voters geared up to change. Traditional taxi cab companies are not happy and will use all of their power to fight the change in major cities since it means a significant cut into their profits. In smaller areas the smart thing to do is for the taxi companies to work with Uber (or another) and find a way to team up (As uber grows that will be a more likely outcome) so that everyone benefits in a new system.

Comment Re: jury (Score 2) 200

Yes the pass the taxes along to the consumers ... in a market where most stores has to charge taxes for one reason or another, to have a store that doesn't creates unfair competition. The law needs to be changed one way or the other but a change is needed. This is also the labor issue and many other ones that come to light with global presence

Comment Re: Unconstitutinal (Score 2) 376

Yes and no: You could be considered an accessory to the crime. You would have to:
1) Divulge the person responsible
2) Have the court fail to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that when lending your keys to the person you were not aware of the consequences
3) you would still be on the hook for the insurance for civil damages

Now onto Red light and Speeding cameras, the tickets issues are parking tickets, just like the car can get a ticket for being parked in an illegal sport and the owner of the car is responsible (unless they rat out the responsible party) the same is true with speeding cameras. What that means is that if you drive your car cross country you are free to speed and run red lights all you want since other states have no way to collect (Doesn't apply to rental cars) ... unless you get pulled over and then you will have to pay up.

Comment I deveopled an easy to use App (Score 1) 184

Here is how the console box app works, it is really easy. Step 1 put your phone in mute Step 2 open center console box Step 3 Throw phone inside Step 4 (This is the tricky part you CAN NOT swipe it to lock that is patented by Apple you MUST close it with three fingers .. as four fingers might also be a patented method for closing a box). Close console box This app is only $4 on google play .. it will only appear after you send the money to my account 1111111

Comment DRM (Score 1) 304

The point of DRM is not to limit copying of material by those in the know. It is meant, and the sole purpose of it is to limit how long the content is good for. That basically after a few years your device is now obsolete, the DRM used is no longer supported. If you want new content you need to buy a new device ... if you want your current content well, you need to buy it again for the new device. There are still a significant number of people in their 40s and up that will buy into this model.

Comment Re:What a clusterf**k. (Score 1) 398

You forgot the 25% sales tax in Denmark from your calculations (sales tax a very regressive form of taxation). In the usa the average sales tax is 6%. What you are saying in essence is that the US should significantly increase taxes and then give people these services? so lets put this into better perspective:
A middle class family in the USA (most middle class have some form of health insurance and are paying lets say 400/month employee contribution) vs Denmark for comparison.
Net income of 66k USD (50k Euro) in the usa they will spend about 3k/month on taxable items (50% is housing related the rest is spent ... who saves anymore?). that means in the usa
3000 * 6% = 180
3000 * 25% = 750
so you see you are paying significantly more for your health coverage then the average person in the USA ...
that 180 in sales tax in the USA is also going to subsides University, you can not compare the price of a private college to a state university for in state residents. The cost of instate is 8000/year * 4 years = 32000
Lets divide that number over a lifetime say 60 years of paying sales tax will be 45 dollars per month.
So now lets add 180 + 400 + 45 = 625 vs the 750 you are paying ... overall USA is less expensive the major difference is not in quality of care but in compensation when things do not go according to plan. The reason the USA doesn't have universal health care is quite simple ... malpractice to sum up the situation:

Democrats make their money as trial lawyers and many of them made their fortunes on malpractice issues so a federal health care system would also mean no more malpractice claims in the 10s of millions of dollars but more in line with Denmark system:

Republicans do not want a federal system they want it controlled by the state ... and thus set by insurance companies (that charge significant amount for that malpractice insurance) that they will lobby for when they leave office.
so in short both Democrats in the USA and Republicans in the USA agree that Universal healthcare is bad for their pockets ...

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