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Comment Re:Most perceptive comment of the night (Score 1) 2837

That's really interesting. I also feel like there was a sense in social media that while trumps support was belligerent, immature, and often gross, it was at least honest. Clinton's support from groups like CTR was subtle, underhanded, and dishonest.

People noticed.

The perfect example is how the news subreddits. CTR folks got into mod positions and started deleting anything anti clinton or pro sanders way back in the primary. They tried to justify it, and hid who they really were, but people by and large saw it happening. The trump subreddit was a shitshow of immature nonsense and hate. Last night I looked at "the_donald" just to see how they were reacting, and the first post I clicked on was a link to twitter, and the first response to this tweet was a pornographic picture with Hillary's face photo-shopped on to it. It was gross, and deplorable, but I know for damn sure that wasn't some paid shill trying to subtly influence me by controlling information on social media. One was gross, and one was dishonest. Its not a fun choice to make, but I can see how it could go the way it did.

Comment Re:Very true (Score 1) 2837

Well, trump won it fair and square. Or rather, despite the RNC not wanting him, so at a handicap.

Which is shocking, because he's a complete shithead and was able to steamroll the RNC, while Bernie isn't and was steamrolled by the shitheads at the DNC. It seems like a victory for shitheads.

Comment Re:Reddit is discovering... (Score 1) 385

.. that unlimited freedom of speech ain't all it's cracked up to be. It certainly doesn't scale well.

I for one won't be back until /r/coontown and it's ilk are gone. That's a shit ton of racists right there...

You do realize that the people who frequent that sub would still be on reddit right? They'd just congregate other places, like maybe the default subs.

Comment Just yesterday... (Score 2) 134

I got some shit advice from the medical staff at my university. I'm taking a drug called celexa and got a cold, not wanting any adverse interactions I called them up and asked what medicine it was OK for me to take. Coricidin Cold and Cough they said, was the safe choice.

I Googled it before I went to the store and found a major interaction via drugs.com. A potentially fatal interaction. Super.

Comment We have the worst Republicans in the country in Az (Score 1) 122

And I say that as a Republican. Just recently we had a group of them go after our University funding, claiming that if tuition is higher then the students will benefit because they'll value their educations more. The moron pushing this had a degree from the University of Pheonix.

They all get elected on a mix of religious social issues and their oppositions refusal to admit that illegal immigration is a problem(even though Arizona is now the kidnapping capital of the country and there are entire sections of the desert near Tucson where you just can't go anymore thanks to the smugglers, including national parks).

I guess that all you can say is most of them aren't corrupt. They're generally too stupid to be corrupt.

Comment Re:Stop giving the things away... (Score 1) 167

You're actually the one missing the point here. Lung disease is one of the leading killers of children and women in the developing world and the primary cause is indoor cooking fires. This is a solution to that problem.

The fact that people who understand that have manipulated Wahwhuas into supporting these measures is just icing on the cake.

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