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Comment Re: Without towers though... (Score 1) 69

I wonder what the costs involved would be to have backup power generators for each of the towers. I think it would be more cost effective to have people with mobile phones as walking towers then having a tower run for X amount of time and then you lost your connection. Not sure if either method would pan out though in the great scheme of things. I guess you'll know what method would work best ones your facing a disaster scenario first hand.

Submission + - Love: The Small Game Makers Dream [Pics] (

myg0t writes: I honestly thought this place deserved some attention it seemed so cool! Love 2D, more like 2.5D to be honest, is a cross-platform (Windows/Linux/MacOSx) game making engine. Love is still somewhat new to the scene however, it has a lot of tools to your disposal and you can make puzzle, RTS (real-time strategy), RPG (role-playing-games) and any other games in between that you can come up with. Love uses LUA as the programming language to develop the games in, which is an added bonus because LUA is close to Visual Basic and users can pick it up really fast even if they never touched upon any programming in the past. Love is awesome fun to use and has great potential however, it seems fairly under-loved so I figured I'd do some preaching and see if I can get some more people interested because it is for small time game makers that have just really started out with the whole idea but just don't seem to know where to actually start from and I believe Love is a perfect start for anyone that is either new to the whole game making concept or new to programming which can be quite exhausting in the more complex languages such as C/C++. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do because game making with Love is a dream!

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