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Submission + - Why programmers do not use unit testing?

oriol writes: "Why programmers do not use unit tests while they think that they are useful? This is what we tried to understand by putting a questionnaire online (please answer it so that we broaden our set of users). The outcome is that it takes too much time to write them. So we integrated to the open source version of EiffelStudio a plugin that extracts automatically the test cases from crashing runs called CDD (a little bit like doctest but much more sexy). I think the idea is mind blowing, so please have a look at the demos!"

Submission + - Is unit testing used and how often?

oriol writes: "It seems that a lot of people really think that writing unit tests is the best way to help and keep code working correctly on the long run. In my experience (of programming in a research environment), it is not that likely that software projects are equipped with unit tests. As I am quite interested by the subject I am conducting a small survey (5-10 mn to answer) on this topic to see if the situation is the same for everybody. What do you think fellow slashdotters?"

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