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Comment yeah, because that's what IBM is know for (Score 1) 303

the business suited, company-song-singing, Brutalist architecture and monotonous color scheme are all strong indicators of "inspiring" design elements. "your house is too colorful. come back to the office where everything is so boring you'll sing company songs just to feel something!"

Comment this is what happens when you make creation "easy" (Score 1) 325

unless you're a developer to start with, creating a website happens through a low-code or no-code suite, usually. (or you spend a few weeks learning html and javascript, which is actually less efficient, since you can't learn good practices and sufficient vocabulary to be good in that short time). also, with the vast majority of people using broadband, there's little incentive to work extra hard so that last 0.002% of your user base still connecting through 33.6Kbps dial-up connections has a good experience. you could have just as easily asked "why are OSes so bloated? what about those of us still working on pentium series processors?" the answer would be the same: "they don't think of you, because you're not an influential enough part of the market". imagine you're a developer tasked with creating a news site. do you spend months optimizing your work for the tiniest fraction of the market, or do you spend that time putting polish on the parts the vast majority of your users are going to actually see?

Comment you smarmy little... (Score 1) 56

"We will provide the FCC with additional information on why the government should not take away a service that saves consumers money," AT&T wrote in a statement Friday hey AT&T, if you can save them money by giving them YOUR data stuff for free, why not save them a bunch more and do that for all data? idiots.

Comment you're missing something (Score 1) 1

The Onion Router is for preventing tracking. They probably use it themselves for things. Something being potentially (or even definitely) dangerous is not a reason to ban it. The US loves dangerous things. Like guns, fast food, texting and driving, militarized police forces, fascism... what was i saying? oh yeah. we use it for plausible deniability when we're hacking foreign governments. it serves a purpose, and therefore we fund it.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: agnostic entity relationships Inefficient, or flatly impossible?

originalmouse writes: I'm building an agnostic framework which will track every last stick of equipment, employee, location, and software license for a very large company. the only data required by the core is a set of tables which track an entity(computer, license, human, location, desk, whatever), the database the actual entity lives in, the type of entity (primarily for ease of use when expanding on this program) and how the entity relates to other entities. i'm required to use SQL server 2010, and C# with MVCRazor and jQuery. the site will be intranet based, and the project will eventually be THE portal for the entire company (Network Security, HR, IT Ops, you name it). thing is... those pieces will probably be added AFTER i'm done writing it all, by some other programmer.

i've been trying to write it so the core system doesn't need to know anything about the layers on top of it, and that each "plugin" has its own connection string, exposed methods, and imbedded views, so anything being added later only has to know about the data upon which it's dependent, but knows nothing about the plugins dependent upon it.

each "entity" will have its "entityID" and also a "subID" to use when talking directly to a plugin (type "people", for instance, would have a "subID" that points to a PK in the "People" database.)

really, my questions are: "can you see any security concerns?" and "does anybody on slashdot have any insights when it comes to building programs agnostically (bottom up)?" and "this seemed like an obvious relationship system to me, but i can't find any examples like mine, which leads me to think there are reasons why something like this doesn't work. is this inefficient? is it fundamentally flawed?"

my base application is built around

thanks, slashdot

Comment Re:The EU is safe from insect burgers (Score 2) 705

also, since when is "food futurologist" even a thing? i could see maybe "food futurist" but the former implies knowledge of the future instead of utterly blind guessing. why list insects first any way? the majority of the US population would only ever think of eating "Free Range Land Lobster" if there were literally no other alternative to starvation. that said, i'd eat lab grown meat now. actually sounds like it might be leaner and less hormonally twisted than the beef you already get commercially here in the states.

Comment Re:yes (Score 1) 1010

algebra is any number based variable you do math operations on in any programming language. maybe it is your memory... unless all you wrote was hello world. PoliSci is already kind of a BS degree (no pun intended) to make it so any random person who can't add can get a degree devalues the entire collegiate structure. when you earn a degree it means you went above and beyond in academics and deserve recognition for it.
lets run with the idea of eliminating unnecessary subjects from degree programs, though (just to see how much actual education we can strip out of college)... for a CS degree, why require english? or history? these have nothing to do with the actual logic, math, and engineering principals that go into designing a program or computer system. you don't need to know that Napoleon had a hard time fighting a ground war in russia in the winter (duh) or that he thought alexander the great was, well, great. you don't have to know about the allegories in the works of twain or be able to discourse on the underlying message of hamlet to be a good programmer.

unfortunately for you DO need algebra for political science if you're going to continue to call it science.
From wikipedia: "Political science is a social science discipline concerned with the study of the state, government, and politics. Aristotle defined it as the study of the state.[1] It deals extensively with the theory and practice of politics, and the analysis of political systems and political behavior. "
so unless they're all just sitting around and talking about it they're gonna need statistics and good luck learning statistics if you can't handle college level algebra.

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