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Comment Re:Breaking the law (Score 1) 457

Most people don't understand the technical nuances of all those analogous concepts you just explained. I can see when a window is open or someone left trash on the floor. If I don't understand what a tracking cookie, port, or rootkit is - or even have a simple way to view those exposures, then I would have no idea something is amiss, unless my machine or connection runs very slow / crashes. Or notice if we were billed for excessive internet usage, vs the mostly-open connections we use today.

Comment Re:Who wants this? (Score 1) 291

I love having my phone tethered to my netbook when I do computer repair housecalls. It lets me get onto the net, get the drivers I need, or research an issue, and it takes up very little space next to the machine being repaired. I don't use it for games, video editing, or huge presentations. Yet it will do all three of those as well sufficiently. It's the EEE 1000HA book which was about 320.00 when I got it.

Comment Re:Summary and blogspam link laughably incorrect (Score 1) 271

This is a good response, just beware that the concept of Fair Use, while easy for us to understand, is a very difficult one that is nowhere near clear enough at the court level. Many different conflicting cases are out there that do not provide a bright-line instance of what is fair use and what is not fair use.

Comment Re:Terrifying! (Score 4, Informative) 262

Yes, he fought on the side of communists, (Russian and International) as well as anarchists during the Spanish Civil War. Everyone who read 1984 and understood its message should also read Homage to Catalonia, his factual account of the Civil War. He knew that you could take the horrible tools of repression and what they might look like if machined in England.

Comment Re:This too was foreseen (Score 1) 902

I'm comfortable w/ my reaction, and I do agree with your point that I am assuming the worst in the motives above. My own point here is that even if only correcting the medical problem was the acceptable answer, who is to say that making this therapy more accessible to people via the market for attractive blonde children would not further that end? Yet the GP does not appear to make any point beyond "they were right, this would happen?" So who now will tell us that this new development is good or bad? Is it something we've discussed enough to understand the pros, cons, and that troublesome gray area that we all live inside?

My bigger problem is a lack of discussion when the Frankenbaby topic comes up - my scientist friends see very little ethical issue with eugenics, and my religious family members see no potential benefits, where as many reasonable people can approach a working solution in the middle.

I can think of many great discussion points as to why eugenics is bad. 1. I think diversity works great with ensuring the fitness of life. 2.We have a lot of ancient genetic material just sitting in our genome and that we don't fully understand to simply erase it. 3.Could we in fact create a new race of humans that would end up conquering us and turn us into the new Neanderthal? 4.Would our tampering release a susceptibility to a common illness that our genes protected us from previously?

  Lots of possible vectors of discussion. I have discussed the right to life and where life begins with a Catholic bishop using science. I have been unable to have a meaningful eugenic-science conversation with fundamentalist Christian family members who went to college and are educated almost to the same level as that bishop.

  The term Moral Fiber is one that only exists from the perspective of the person giving judgment and not from an equal entering into discussion with someone else. Just because someone doesn't like an idea does not immediately give them a valid opinion with weight, no matter how loudly they preach it - we must earn that weight through discussions with others.

Comment Re:This too was foreseen (Score 3, Insightful) 902

Much like gay marriage, how does this hurt fundies? Oh, they are looking out for us poor technocratic souls? Moral fiber? We have developed science to save babies that would otherwise die, mothers that would otherwise die, and help children exist with significant defects that would have had them killed by the midwife only a hundred years ago. Moral fiber? Bad idea? I would be thrilled to know that my child could be born without my congential heart defect or a cleft palate! Shame on you for swallowing their reactionary tripe.

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