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Comment Chilling Effects (Score 1) 370

I think Google already knows how to handle this - removal with a link to Chilling Effects and the removal notice. No, we don't have links regarding your pedophilia / political corruption / incompetent doctoring anymore - we just have a link to your complaint to remove information regarding your pedophilia / political corruption / incompetent doctoring.

Comment Re:HEY (Score 1) 268

There is good music out there still, people just don't get exposed to it, so their comfort levels then grow to match those of clear channel syndicates that have been playing those same goddamn Led Zeppelin songs for as long as I've been alive (1980). A lot of this has to do with where bulges are within the population (boomers) and who listens to / controls the car radio. I personally am tired of songs about hobbits, and wish there was more Jack White (a descendent of Zeppelin for your example) on mainstream stations.
To give you an idea, there was a day and age where the disc jockey actually picked the music, and a band like the Doors could become particularly popular because the long cut of the song gave the DJ time to run to the bathroom. This is almost entirely gone, except for a number of college radio stations. Instead songs are cut down to nothingness so that the station can claim to play twenty songs non-stop, and the whole mix is made in one place and sent out to the rest of the syndicates (traveling across the country doesn't expose you to new music on the radio generally).
Most people don't want to hear new music except in a small window of their life. It's just something in our psychology.
I'll step off your lawn now.

Comment Re:Trademark (Score 1) 361

Which is just another example of how we lost out - Coke hasn't been the same since they changed the formula in 1903. Somebody should be able to bring back classic Coke!

Addressing your intellectual property issue, (IAAL, but IANAIPL) if the game was outside of copyright protection there wouldn't necessarily be a clear trademark violation. If Steamboat Willy had ever been allowed to have it's copyright expire I would be able to release copies of Steamboat Willy even without permission from Disney. You can't trademark your way around copyright terms. This would be a derivative work, so not as clear a territory.

Comment Re:Predicting the next 100 posts (Score 1) 655

They can be refrigerated. Though the outer peel will turn black, this does not affect the ability to eat the inner part of the banana. The push to not refrigerate them came from Chiquita, via the Chiquita banana song. You can make your own guesses about why Chiquita wanted them unrefrigerated.

Comment Re:Because there is no money in STEM... (Score 5, Interesting) 375

This is far far from true. I am a lawyer, please look up the statistics for unemployment in law, particularly young lawyers, and the number of people that are finding that the job that they can find doesn't pay their loan debt. There is even outsourcing (on large document review projects). Most people who went into law are finding that the law school lied to them about their future career prospects. A very large percentage of people who went to law school end up regretting it. The career you want to be in is anything health related with the boomers aging. There are people with AA degrees that make more than I do.

Comment Re:hipaa violation as well? (Score 2) 590

In real life sometimes that ends in a restraining order, and sometimes it ends in a relationship. The culture you're decrying exists outside of the movies as well - that you see it in movies just illustrates how illogical and arbitrary people (both men and women) are. I mean, for one, I never see any men intentionally going to a movie that involves romance whatsoever, so it must be women creating this culture. Doesn't the description you give describe the plot of Twilight? I ridicule everyone for their poor choices, it's the only way they'll learn.

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