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Comment Completely unfocused (Score 4, Insightful) 319

This was obviously a mistake from the beginning, and everyone knew it. Mozilla has been acting like a fat and happy company rolling in cash instead of a company in a competitive marketplace. Firefox is slow and crashy and I'm almost at the end of my rope with it, and it's very frustrating for them to be constantly distracting themselves with stupid projects. Firefox OS? Rust? Some IoT thing? Come on Mozilla. You actually thought you could make a dent in mobile OSes when even Microsoft couldn't? Do you really think you *need* to invent a new programming language just to write a better browser? Do you really think you have any relevance /at/ /all/ in the z-wave motion sensor in my house? Wake up or die.

Comment Re:Surprised (Score 2) 533

The standard of living is different. Today it is much higher than it was in the olden days. People live in bigger houses, have more vehicles, and have much more technology than they did back then. They also spend more money on stupid things, like $4 cups of coffee, designer clothes and handbags, and every single service wants a monthly subscription for $20 or more. If people lived exactly like they did in the 50's, they could probably do it pretty well with a single income.

Comment Weight loss fallacy (Score 2) 210

It's incredible that in 2016 people still think (and even do scientific research!) on the idea that exercise helps you lose weight. EXERCISE DOES NOT HELP YOU LOSE WEIGHT in any significant amount. Weight loss is at least 85% what and how much you eat. Exercise can help somewhat, but it has very little bearing. Exercise is extremely important for overall health, but weight loss is not one of the benefits.

Comment Re: Simple fix (Score 1) 229

The problem here is the content creators (*IAA asshats) who have no business sense. I can not get a good justification for the complexity of their distribution channels (country codes in dvd drives, IP restrictions, all of if). Why? Why?

It's a pretty simple and mundane explanation. Coordinating media (advertising, etc...) across the entire world is a big job, and probably pretty impossible to get everyone on the same page on exactly the same day for some kind of launch. Also, the stars of most movies need to make appearances for promotions, and they can only be in one place at a time. Rolling out different regions at different times allows you to manage that better.

Comment Re: Suggestions anyone? (Score 1) 457

No. NSL or FISA is just for information. FBI was trying to compel Apple to do some work/make actual system changes that would allow them to get into the phone. That's why they went back to the All Writs Act, which allows law enforcement to compel an action. Making someone do something is not even close to the same thing as just requesting information.

Comment Re:Holy shit? (Score -1, Troll) 950

The liberals push nanny-state paranoia about our children to protect our children. The conservatives push nanny-state paranoia about our children to grab power, start wars, award no-bid contracts to their friends/former employers, torpedo universal health care to help their buddies in the insurance business, ... (OK, for that last one they actually use nanny-state paranoia about our elderly...)

Comment pointing fingers (Score 1) 98

Usually the "lowly" task of patching is sloughed off onto the sysadmins, while the developers in their hubris think there's nothing wrong with anything they wrote. OS/app patches are easily obtained and applied because many people use them. In house apps take a lot more resources to analyze and patch, and add the previously-mentioned hubris and you have a situation where resources will never be spent patching the in-house apps, because it's not their problem anyway.

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